11 most luxurious branded bags in 2021. These celebrities have used them

11 most luxurious branded bags in 2021. These celebrities have used them
  • Who doesn’t want to carry a luxurious handbag?
  • They say that diamonds are girls’ best friends but along with white stones branded bags too are their BFF.

If you don’t believe then you can check out any Youtube video titled “What’s In My Bag?” Now you must have an idea of why women need bags!

Scroll to learn about the most luxurious branded bags in 2021 along with their price tag.

11. Burberry – Bloomsbury Hand-Painted Alligator

Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand, established in 1856, by Thomas Burberry. Bloomsbury Hand-Painted Alligator price is one of the beautiful creations of Burberry and costs $37,000.

Bloomsbury Hand-Painted Alligator(source: Pinterest)

This luxury brand is owned by different celebrities like Rihanna, Meghan Markle, etc.

10. Parda – The Brandy Top Handle V2

Parda is an Italian luxury accessories brand, especially leather handbags, founded by Mario Prada, in 1913.

The Brandy Top Handle V2 has two snap-lock clasps at 27*16*14 centimeters. Similarly, it is a bit different than its previous version and costs $10,200.


The Brandy Top Handle V2 (Source: parda.com)

A simple structured Parda bag makes for a very chic day bag held by Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift carrying Parda bag ( Source: Pinterest )

9. Valentino – My Rockstud Tote

Valentino is a luxury Italian brand established by Valentino Garavani, in 1960. One of the Expensive handbags, My Rockstud Tote, cost around $2500.

My Rockstud Tote (Source: www.bragmybag.com )

Like, Valentino’s bag is held by different celebrities on different occasions including Dakota Fanning, Janet Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez.

Celebrities with Valintino ( source: purseBlog)

8. Yves Saint Laurent – Muse Bag

Yves Saint Laurent AKA Saint Laurent was established by a famous French fashion designer, established in 1961.

It has also created different wonderful handbags, Muse Bag is one of them, which cost $18,990, with different colors.

Yves Saint Laurent – Muse Bag ( Source: Yoogi’s Closet)

Also, the brand is famous for different celebrities. Rita Ora even holding Yves Saint Laurent’s bag black with gray color.

Rita Ora with Yves Saint Laurent – source: Pinterest

7. Hilde Palladino’s Crocodile Gadino Bag

Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino is one of the most talented and famous designers in the world. Nevertheless, he’s one of the luxury creations, the Crocodile Gadino Bag which has 39 diamonds strategically placed on the clasps made from white gold, cost $38,470.

Hilde Palladino’s Crocodile Gadino Bag – Source: Luxury Safes

6. Mouawad

The Swiss and Emirati company, Mouawad, renowned for its jewelry, was established by Devid Mouawad in 1895. Similarly, the most expensive bag it ever produced, the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, holds the 2010 Guinness World Record for its value. It’s crafted from 18-karat gold and laden with over 4500 diamonds, costing $3.8 million.


The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse – Source: Robb Report Singapore

5. Marc Jacobs – the Carolyn Crocodile handbag

In 1984, American fashion designer Marc Jacobs founded Marc Jacobs International with Robert Duffy. This brand is a combination of tradition and innovation of fashionable accessories.

Again, one of the massive successful creations, the Carolyn Crocodile handbag made with purple crocodile skin is the most expensive made so far and costs $50,000.

Marc Jacobs – the Carolyn Crocodile handbag (Source: Luxity)

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American stylist, Chriselle Lim attending MARC JACOBS fashion week, by wearing its brand accessories.

Chriselle Lim with MARC JACOBS brand ( Source: leather celebrities )

4. Louis Vuitton – The Patchwork Louis Vuitton Handbag

A popular international fashion brand, Louis Vuitton, was created by a French designer, Louis Vuitton, in 1854.

Likely, the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork handbag is made with 15 different design patterns, cut up and reconstructed, which cost around $42,000. Further, it is available throughout Europe as well as Asia.


The Patchwork Louis Vuitton Handbag ( Source: Pinterest )

Beyonce carrying one of the beautiful creations of Louis Vuitton, the Patchwork Louis Vuitton Handbag.

Beyonce Patchwork Louis Vuitton Handbag ( Souce: Pinterest )

3. Fendi – Fendi Selleria Bag

Fendi is an Italian luxury brand of different leather, eyewear, and accessories, founded in Rome, in 1925, by Adele and Edoardo Fendi. Similarly, the Fendi Selleria Bag is one of the most expensive luxury handbags consists of two rare animal skins, a sable, and a chinchilla. It costs around $38,000.

( Source: Bragmybag ) Fendi Lei Selleria Bag

The Fendi Mini Peekaboo Essential Bag is also carried by Hailey Baldwin.

( Source: Facebook) Fendi Mini Peekaboo Essential Bag

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2. Chanel – Métiers D’Art Paris – Shanghai Black Lucite Matryoshka

Chanel is a French luxury fashion brand, founded by Coco Chanel, in 1910, mostly focused on women’s fashion and accessories. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive luxury handbags, the Métiers D’Art Paris-Shanghai Black Lucite Matryoshka evening bag with gold hardware costs around $32,500.



American Actress, Bella Thorne is one of the celebrities who like to carry the Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

Bella Thorne holding Chanel’s Classic-Flap-Bag (Source: Pinterest)

1. Hermes – Birkin bag

Hermes is a French luxury goods brand, founded by Thierry Hermes, in 1837, mostly focused on leather goods and accessories.

In 2016, the Hermes Birkin bag became the world’s most expensive bag ever at a cost of around $288,470. Similarly, Rare crocodile skin with white gold forms this bag, which showcases over 200 diamonds.


Hermes Birkin bag ( Source: The Independent )

Besides, English singer, songwriter, and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, carrying a vintage pink color Birkin bag.

Victoria Beckham with Birkin bag (Source: The Independent)

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