10 Celebrities who are generous tippers!

Celebrities have fame and wealth. As their bank balance grows, they also tend to increase their generosity. Many of the celebs are great tippers but some are more so! Let us know the celebs who are the greatest tippers in hotels and other places!

David Beckham

David Beckham, the English football legend is known to be extremely generous and has left tips for waiters after his dinner in hotels. He had once tipped $ 1000 for a $ 100 bill at a pub in Los Angeles.

Source: Hello Magazine (David Beckham)

Naomi Campbell

This gorgeous supermodel Naomi is similarly known to be extra-generous. She was once having a dinner with actress Cameron Diaz at Whisky Mist in London. Can you guess how much tip did Naomi leave for the waitress there? It was an unbelievable $9200!


This rapping wonder and world’s billionaire Jay-Z had once left for the bottle server a tip amounting to $ 11000. This was at Playroom in New York City after a night of fun there.

Johnny Depp

America’s great actor Johnny Depp also is a great tipper. He frequently visits Gibson which is a popular steakhouse in Chicago. On one such occasion, the bill was $ 4400 and Johnny left an extra $ 4000 as a tip for the serving waiter there!

Source: IE (Johnny Depp)

Taylor Swift

This singing sensation Taylor Swift is the owner of a great heart. She had once eaten at Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia. The bill was $ 800 for which she left behind a tip of $ 500 which is more than 2/3rd of the amount of the bill!

Shaquille O’Neal

Retired NBA player Shaquille O’Neal was once on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He said that he had left a tip of $ 4000 once for a waiter. Jimmy Kimmel asked him as to why he had given such a huge tip to the server. Shaquille promptly replied that he had asked the restaurant waiter as to how much he wants to be tipped and the waiter had said that he would like to have $ 4000 for it. Hence Shaquille paid him that sum.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is an ever joy to watch. She had once gone to meet her husband John Legend at his hometown in Centerville, Ohio and they had eaten at the Outback restaurant there. She left a tip of $ 1000 for the waitress there.

Source: USW (Chrissy Teigen)

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre indeed was a generous tipper. He had once dined at Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood. After his meals, he was so impressed with the food that he left a tip of $ 5000 for the servers.

Amy Schumer

American comedian and actress Amy Schumer had previously worked in the hospitality line. She is said to have once dined at the Pete’s Clam Bar in New York City. The bill had come as $ 49 but she tipped the server $ 500, 10 times the bill amount. Wow!

Mark Cuban

After his team had won the Championship game, Mark Cuban was immensely happy and had a big celebration in Miami. The bill amounted to $ 110000. He thanked the waiting staff at Fountainbleau for serving them and as a token of his appreciation gave them a tip of $ 20000!!!

Source: Inc. (Mark Cuban)