10 Least Shown Characters of the Black Clover Only True Anime Fans Notice. Are You An Anime Lover?

10 Least Shown Characters of the Black Clover Only True Anime Fans Notice. Are You An Anime Lover?
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  • The Japanese Manga and Anime series, Black Clover, happens to be one of the most popular series in the Anime World.
  • There are various characters that blew the mind of their audiences.
  • However, there are some characters that have been under the shadow of the main protagonists.

Some of the Black Clover characters that only true fans might acknowledge in the series are given below.

10. Finesse Calmreich

Finesse Calmreich is a member of the royal family, House Kira. She is betrothed to the upcoming head of Head, House Vaude. Finesse is suffering from a choric disease that caused her to her physically weak.

Finesse Calmreich
Finesse Calmreich (Source: Fandom)

As of now, her magical attribute is not shown in the series. However, she possesses a huge mana pool as the royal of the Clover Kingdom.

In the anime, she is shown as the love interest of Finral Roulacase. Nevertheless, Finral’s younger stepbrother, Langris Vaude might be the next head of House Vaude.

9. Theresa Rapual

Sister Theresa Rapual is a former member of the Crimson Lion Squad. Besides that, she served as the magic instructor of Mereolena Vermillion and Fuegoleon Vermillion. Also, she is a nun.

Theresa Rapual
Theresa Rapual (Source: Fandom)

Currently, she working as a guardian of the children at an orphanage in the Clover Kingdom. Her magical She possesses strong fire magic that helps her to generate and manipulate the fire. Using Creation Magic, she can form any entity from fire.

8. Kiato

Kiato is the priest of the undersea Grand Magic Zone, Seabed Temple. He made his first appearance in the 42nd episode, The Seabed Temple. He spends several years practicing their song and dance to worship the god of the sea.

Kiato and Kahono
Kiato and Kahono dancing (Source: Reddit)

He possesses Butoh Magic. Using magic, he can cast spells while dancing and attack his enemy during the dance. Also, he can use union magic with his sister, Kahono who is a priestess of the temple.

7. Rob Vitesse

Rob Vitesse is the 2nd Class Senior Magic Knight of Silver Eagle Squad. He made his first appearance in the 76th episode of the Anime and 118 un Manga. Talking about his magical attribute, he uses wind magic that enables him to generate and manipulate wind.

Rob Vitesse
Rob Vitesse (Source: Km)

6. Sekke Bronzazza

Sekke Bronzazza is the 5th Class Junior Magic Knight of the Green Mantis. He first appeared in the anime in the 4th episode during the Magic Knight Entrance Exam where he approached the Asta as he knew the fact he doesn’t possess any magic.

Sekke Bronzazza
Sekke Bronzazza (Source: tumblr)

5. Gueldre Poizot

Gueldre Poizot is the former captain of the Purple Orca of the Magic Knight. He was removed from the squad as he betrayed the Clover Kingdom. He possesses the Permeation Magic that makes him invisible.

Gueldre Poizot
Gueldre Poizot (Source: pngkey)

4. Sol Marron

Sol Marron is the 3rd Class intermediate of the squad, Blue Rose. Following her squad captain, Charlotte Roselei,
she believes that men are incompleted and brutish. Talking about his magic, she holds Earth Magic that enables her to generate and manipulate the earth.

Sol Marron
Sol Marron (Source: deviantart)

3. Marie Adlai

Marie Adlai is one of the most adorable characters in the anime renowned as the little sister of Gauche Adlai. She was the human host of Eld Eclat. Despite being born in the noble house, House Adlai, she is leading a life of poor after the death of her parents.

Marie Adlai
Marie Adlai (Source: Fandom)

Talking about her magical attribute, she possesses that Eye Magic with which she can cast enchantments via her eyes.

2. Henry Legolant

Henry Legolant is the squad member of the Black Bull. He is the 5th Class Junior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom. Born in a noble family, he used to suffer from a strange illness due to which his family was forced to live in a house in a secluded house.

Henry Legolant
Henry Legolant (Source: duniagames)

He possesses the recombination magic that enables him to change the location and shape of the rooms of his house, Black Bull’s hideout.

1. Augustus Kira Clover XIII

Augustus Kira Clover XIII is the current king of the clover kingdom. Despite being the king, he makes his appearance occasionally. In his appearance, he is shown extremely jealous of the wizard king, Julius.

Augustus Kira Clover XIII
Augustus Kira Clover XIII (Source: deviantart )

Despite being the king, his magic is extremely slow. His physical strength is rated as 1 out of 5. Talking about his magical attribute, he possesses Light Magic, he can generate and manipulate light magic.


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