10 Hollywood celebrities who are known to be suffering from the medical condition called fibromyalgia!

Fibromyalgia-a disease characterized by generalized whole body muscular and joint pains and easy fatiguability affects millions of people worldwide.

It does not have any distinctive features and hence is easily overlooked or gets misdiagnosed. The diagnosis is reached by an exclusion of other conditions with similar or overlapping complaints.

Though common, its cause is unknown. Not only the commoners but many celebrities also suffer from this disease. Do go through the below list to know who of your favorite stars are afflicted by the disease.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a great actor who has openly spoken about his fibromyalgia. He has linked his symptoms to his 2008 car accident.

Morgan has dull pains and aches due to the disease but this does not stop him from working which he really enjoys.

Source: MD Junction (Morgan Freeman and his thoughts oh his fibromyalgia condition)

Speaking about his disease, he has made people aware of the condition and also people affected by the disease would not feel alone.

Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O’Connor has a great voice and when diagnosed, Sinead had gone on a hiatus for some time. But she soon made a comeback.

She has managed with her therapy and lifestyle changes to control her symptoms and has also realized that though incurable, she can definitely overcome it with her determination.

Susan Flanner

Susan Flanner had played a major role in the soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. She was diagnosed with the disease around the year 2007 and took a break from her work in order to overcome her health issue and find the right way to manage it. She is now again back to work and has not let her disease come in the way of the disease.

Michael James Hastings

Michael James Hastings after his diagnosis had quit the entertainment world. But he thought it his duty to spread the awareness of the disease and is now the national spokesperson for fibromyalgia. He wants the patients of this condition to know that they are not alone.

Rosie Hamlin

Singer Rosie Hamlin also is known to be a victim of this medical condition but though she has left her work due to the condition, she switched to another arena which was equally liked by her namely painting. She is now enjoying this new vocation and also remains the spokesperson for the disease.

Source: Chronic body pain (Rosie Hamlin)

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Janeane Garofalo

Janeane Garofalo’s job is to make other people smile. She suffers from this painful condition but it is worth appreciating that in spite of all the pain, she endures it and keeps smiling and making others smile with her. Hats off to this comedian!

Frances Winfield Bremer

This wife of Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III has silently suffered the pain of fibromyalgia for more than 3 decades, but she is an inspirational model who inspires others to never yield to this painful condition.

A.J. Langer

This Ohio native and actress known for her role in the TV series My so-called Life has been reported also to suffer from the disease and in spite of having a wonderful married life with an English Earl, her health condition does derail it at times.

Florence Nightingale

This wonderful founder of modern nursing also was a patient of fibromyalgia. Also called as the Lady with the Lamp, Florence had believed that her muscular pain had been triggered by an infection. She worked tirelessly for the ailing patients and died at the ripe old age of 90 in her sleep.

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Debbie Allen

Source: Pinterest (Debbie Allen and her dance academy)

This dancer cum choreographer Debbie Allen has been rumored to be afflicted with this painful condition. But she herself has never talked about it or admitted that she has the condition. She has preferred to remain silent on this issue. It may be possible since she might be afraid that it might affect her career.