Here Are The Top 10 Jaw Dropping Pictures Of The Finest Photographer Greg Swales!

Greg Swales has an incredible career path with his amazing and jaw-dropping photography. His photography features in countless covers of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. The photographer has also captured many big celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Katy Perry. He also has his own website with his name where he shares his incredible photography arts. The pictures of him always leave people jaw-dropped with his spectacular work. Here are some of the photography of him which will certainly leave your eyes open. In addition, the photographer is also active on social media.

10. Greg Swales Photography

Photography of Greg (Source: Greg Swales)

9. Greg lens for Amlina Estevao

Amlina Estevao captured from the lens of Greg (Source: Anne)

8. Greg’s capture for Feb. 2020 issue

Candice Swanepoel for the February 2020 issue (Source: Anne)

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7. Nicki Minaj on the lens of Greg

Greg Swales
Nicki Minaj on Greg’s photography (Source: Madrad Studios)

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6. Greg’s photography for LAB A4 Magazine

Garrett Neff on Greg’s Photography (Source: LAB Gallerie)

5. Tom Bull posing for Greg’s camera

Model Tom Bull in the photography of Greg (Source: Adon Magazine)

4. Crystal Renn on Greg Swales photography

Greg Swales
Greg’s photography for ISSUE Magazine with Crystal Renn (Source: Booked)

3. Greg Swales captured Lara Stone for Vogue India

Lara Stone on Greg’s photography for Vogue India (Source: Fashion Editorials)

2. August Man Malaysia with Greg’s photography

Greg’s photography for August Man Malaysia (Source: Male Model Scene)

1. Harper’s Bazaar featuring Greg’s photography

Greg Swales
Greg’s photography for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia featuring Yasmine Sabri (Source: Pinterest)

Source: Linked In, GaliaHav, GregSwales