10 Harmless Pranks You Need To Pull On You Boyfriend/Girlfriend For Best Reaction!

10 Harmless Pranks You Need To Pull On You Boyfriend/Girlfriend For Best Reaction!
  • Pranks are the best way to mess around with your partners in your free time.
  • Here is the perfect prank idea to pull on your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • When a couple laughs together, it strengthens their relationship even more.

Pulling harmless pranks is the best way to bring fun and laughter to your relationship. This also helps to test the boundaries in your relationship with your partner.

10. The Classic Time Changing Prank

Time changing prank (Source: WKDQ)

When your significant other sets the alarm for the next day, you can change the time of their phone 1-2 hours ahead. This will make them wake up before the time and go to their work early.

After they realize they reached their workplace before time, they may get furious for a while. But this will surely bring a laugh afterward when you are talking about it later.

9. Oreo Pranks

Oreo mint prank (Source: Pinterest)

This one is the best prank to pull on your partner who loves eating Oreos. All you have to do is remove all the cream from the cookie and replace it with toothpaste.

When they go to snack on Oreos that minty taste of toothpaste will hit them. It will make them laugh with the harmless prank.

8. Serious Discussion Prank

Deep conversation prank (Source: Goalcast)

For this prank, you can call your significant other saying you have a serious discussion to have. When they are by your side, just keep quiet for a while without smiling or giving any reactions.

When they start asking what is the matter, ask them some silly questions like ‘Do you like my dress’, or ‘Is this color looking nice at me?’

This will make them really confused for a while but it will surely bring a laugh afterward.

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7. Let’s be friend prank

Let’s be friends prank on your partner (Source: Medium)

This can be quite an emotional prank on your partner in the beginning. You can call them for a sit-down talk and then reveal you want to be ‘Just Friends’ with them.

Moreover, you can also give the reason for saying you want to experience friendship with them. After making them confused about what’s going on, reveal to them it is just a prank. This will bring the best reaction out of your partner.

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6. Classic Missing Period Prank

I missed my period prank on your boyfriend (Source: Elite Daily)

This is one of the most hilarious pranks to pull on your boyfriend. You can call your boyfriend and let them know that you missed your period.

This can bring mixed reactions with some tension and also a sweet reaction from your guy. After a while, you can reveal that it is just a prank and make them laugh after a while.

5. Weighing Scale Prank

Prank on weighing scale (Source: Weighing Scale)

This is the prank to make you significant another freak out for a while and then laugh together. When they go to the weighing scale to see their weight, you can sneak your one leg on the scale.

This will make their “weight” appear more on the scale and they will freak for a while. But after they notice you behind, this will bring a laugh to your face.

4. Suprise “Haircut” pranks

Haircut prank (Source: YouTube)

This is one of the most hilarious pranks to pull on your partner. In this prank, you will not actually cut your partner’s hair but make them believe you did so.

You can take a piece of hair from any wig which looks like their hair color. When you see them working or engaged in any work, go behind them and make a scissors sound.

When they look behind they will see hair on your hand which will make them freak out for a while.

3. Googly eyes Pranks

Fridge Googly eyes prank (Source: YouTube)

If you want to make your partner freak out when they open their eyes, you can stick googly eyes on all stuff in the fridge. This will bring a good laugh afterward when they realize it was a prank.

2. Honk Prank

Honk on my car on your partner (Source: YouTube)

This is one of the most hilarious and irritating pranks for your partner.

When your significant other has to go out for work or grocery, write “Honk on Me” or “Honk, she/he does not know about this” on the back of their car.

This will make them confused about why people are honking the whole way.

1. Make-up while asleep prank

Putting makeup on a sleeping person (Source: YouTube)

When you see your boyfriend taking a nap or asleep in the morning time, you can just put some make-up on their face.

After seeing his face in the mirror, he will get confused for a while. But this will definitely bring a good laugh afterward.