10 Most Unique And Creative Ways For The Gender Reveal Of UnBorn Baby!

Gender Reveal party is a huge thing for soon-to-be parents. Getting to know the sex of their unborn child is a magical moment for the parents-to-be. Fun games, props, cake, cupcakes, there are many creative things people do. However, you can get more creative with some of these unique ideas to reveal the gender.

10. Delicious cake pops

What better way to know the gender with some delicious cake pops. You can make cake pops with both pink and blue designs on the outside. When someone takes the bite, the blue or pink color inside. This will add a great sweetness to the happiness of the parents and the guest too.

Cake Pops to reveal the gender (Source: Pinterest)

9. Scratch-off cards

Suspense definitely brings the extra spice to the excitement. Rather than using colors that can be dangerous, you can keep scratch-off cards. You can keep a lottery card for the parents or the guest. They will find the gender after they scratch the card and color shows up.

Scratch off the card to reveal the gender (Source: Pinterest)

8. Pass the parcel

We all have played pass the parcel game in our childhood during vacation. At the gender reveal party, you can play the game to reveal if the parents are having a boy or a girl. You can also customize the game however you want to.

Passing the parcel in gender reveal (Source: Pinterest)

7. Pop the balloon

Another creative idea for revealing the gender of the baby can use the ‘pop the balloon’ idea. You can stick 6-8 non-transparent balloons with only two or one filled with confetti. This will add a surprise element as the parents will not know which of the ballon with give them the answer.

Balloon popping (Source: Pinterest)

6. Bath bomb

Who doesn’t like a bath bomb right? So for the gender reveal you can use a bath bomb with a neutral color outside. When the parents-to-be will put the bath bomb on the water the color will pop on the water. This is not only fun to watch but also it is a creative way too.

Gender Reveal
Bath bomb in gender reveal (Source: Pinterest)

5. Reveal with the paint

Get some artistic sleeve on for the next gender reveal party. You can keep painting with the color that specifies the gender of the baby. Let the parents throw the paint on the white canvas with the blindfolds on/off. This is one of the amazing ways to know the gender. The parents can also hang the canvas as a memory in their home.

Paint the canvas in gender reveal (Source: Pinterest)

4. Dissolving Rubber Duckie

This is somehow like a bath bomb one. You just have to get a dissolving rubber duckie with the color inside which will reveal the gender of the baby. Dip it in a bucket or bowl of water and the color inside will show up.

Dissolving the rubber duckie (Source: Pinterest)

3. Fortune cookies with a twist

The fortune cookies you get in a cafe always has some message. For gender reveal you can take the twist at your own party. Keep the small cheat inside the cookies which says the gender of the baby.

Gender Reveal
Fortune cookies (Source: Pinterest)

2. Take a scoop

Ice-cream can never disappoint anyone. And it will also add extra excitement to the gender reveal party too. You can bring icecream with neutral layering on the outside. Parents will immediately find out the gender after taking a scoop.

Gender Reveal
Icecream scoop to reveal the gender (Source: Pinterest)

1. Mystery in a box

Mystery box always gives that little goosebump of suspense and excitement at the same time. You can pack some adorable baby clothes or anything else that will let know the gender. You can also add your own twist to make things more exciting.

Gender Reveal
Mystery box for the reveal (Source: Pinterest)