6 Kids Who Are Born With Incredibly Rare And Unusual Looks!

6 Kids Who Are Born With Incredibly Rare And Unusual Looks!

Every baby is born with their own unique features and looks. More than 7.5 billion people of this earth carry their own unique features which makes them different that other people. Among them, there are few people who are born with some rare and unusual looks which you will not find in every other people around you. Here is the list of kids who were born with these rarely unique features.

6. Nariyana aka Snow White girl

Nariyana who was born in the Sakha Republic, Russia. She was born with a rare look with strikingly blonde hair and porcelain skin. As she was born in a family with typical black hair, which made her look unique in her family as well as rare in the whole world.

Nariyana from Russia (Source: Russia Beyond)

She was born with a rare condition, Albinism. Albinism is a lack of pigmentation on eyes, skin, and hair. Nariyana is the only one with this rare looks in her family. When her pictures came online, it quickly went viral and she got the nickname, Snow white. She became an internet sensation in no time. And her rare beauty caught millions of eyes from all around the world.

5. MilliAnna Worthy

MilliAnna Worthy was born with a unique birthmark just like her mother and grandmother. She carried the genes of an unusual white streak of hair. Worthy was born with Poliosis just like her mother. Poliosis cause a patch of hair and a certain area of skin lack pigmentation.

MilliAnna Worthy with her white streak of hair (Source: The Telegraph)

She is the fourth generation in her mother’s family to have the white streaks of hair. The beautiful baby girl quickly caught lots of attention with her unusual looks. Baby Worthy looks incredibly beautiful with her rare and unique looks.

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4. Muin Bachonaev

11-year-old Muin Bachonaev lives the dream of every girl out there to rock long-beautiful eyelashes. He had a 4.3 cm long eyelashes when he was born. His eyelashes were long enough to touch his lips. After seeing their son born with such unique features, they were worried about him.

Muin Bachonaev (Source: Kwikku)

However, the doctors made it clear that he is perfectly healthy and sound. His long eyelashes maybe because of his mother using some medication during the pregnancy. Meanwhile, there is no explanation to date. Bachonaev has the dream of becoming a great football player one day.

3. Farouk James Miller

Every girl dreams of long healthy hair. Farouk James Miller, an 8-year-old boy got widely famous from his Afro curls. This natural curly hair is about 2 feet high. His cute looks and unusually long and beautiful hair led this young boy to a successful modeling career.

Farouk James Miller (Source: Instagram)

He has built a huge social media following with a verified Instagram account at such a young age. Moreover, he also has a brand endorsement and lots of modeling career. With his mother helping him to take care of his hair, he has already built a bright career ahead of him.

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2. Baby Çiner

Everyone is born with a birthmark on their body. Unlike most of the people in the world, Baby Çinar was born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead. After the nurse cleaned the blood on his head, they noticed the heart-shaped mark. The nurse nicknamed him ‘Love Baby’.

Baby with a heart-shaped birthmark (Source: YouTube )

According to his parents, no one in his family has such marks on their bodies. When people saw his pictures online, the little baby boy went viral in no time. Everyone started admiring his ‘unusual looks’ with a little heart on his forehead.

1. Jare Ijalana

Adorable Jare Ijalana from Nigeria immediately captured millions of hearts after a Nigerian photographer posted her picture online. She got the title of ‘World’s most beautiful girl’ from the people out there. The stunning little girl is already the most popular face on the internet.

Jare Ijalana (Source: Ghossip)

She is also a child model and winner of the African Child Fashion Personality Award in Ghana. In February 2020, the sources reported she will be walking the London Fashion week.