7 Cardi B Nail Arts

7 Cardi B Nail Arts
  • Grammy Award winner Cardi B is one of the best American rappers.
  • She is a social media star and a reality star too.
  • Mostly, she is recognized through her massive solo hit rap music.

She is a celebrity and attends different kinds of events and ceremonies. Not only fashionable dresses, Cardi likes to decorate her nails with different kinds of jewels, stones, studs, etc. People loved her nail art.

If you are curious about different nail art worn by Cardi B. Then, here we try to include 7 Cardi B nail art for you.

1. Crystal-Encrusted Nail Art

Crystal-Encrusted Nail Art ( Source: Vogue )

She stole everybody’s attention after appearing in a beautiful outfit with the best Crystal-Encrusted Nail Art on the red carpet event of Grammy Awards, in 2018. This beautiful nail art is done by one of the best Nail artists, Jenny Bui.

2. Pepsi Super Bowl Commerical Nail

Pepsi Super Bowl Commerical Nail ( Source: popsugar.com )

She looks stunning in these red, blue, and white Pepsi Super Bowl commercial Nail art. This nail art includes hundreds of Swarovski Crystals and professional gel-polish colors. Her whole outfit, makeup, and nails perfectly match each other.

3. Long Stiletto Nude Nails

long stiletto nude nails ( Source: thesource.com )

Sometimes, She loved to wear these long stiletto nude nails. This long and attractive nail art is uniquely designed with different ornaments and jewelry. She shares this nude nail arts through her Instagram stories.

4. Nails with pearls and golden stones

Nails with pearls and golden stones ( Source: Twitter – Nailson7th )

She appeared on her first-ever Met Gala 2018 red carpet with this memorable high-fashionable Dripping pearls dress with designer Jeremy Scott. She also wears this amazing nail art which is decorated with pearls and golden stones to match her whole outfit.

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5. Simple light blue nails with a crystal at the edge

Simple light blue nails with a crystal at the edge ( Source: stealherstyle.com )

This simple long blue nail art with a crystal at the edge is designed by her favorite nail artist jenny Bui. She looks very happy to share this nail art on her Instagram. Where she also gives thanks to Jenny for this amazing color with a simple design combination.

6. Cardi B’s light pink floral nails

Light pink floral nails of Cardi B( Source: stealhestyle.com )

Cardi B likes the pink decoration on her nails. This elegant design of nail art with Swarovski crystals is trendy. They look so natural and feminine too.

7. Cardi B’s pink nails with Swarovski crystals

Cardi B’s pink nails with Swarovski crystals ( Source: Instagram – @nailson7th )

If you like pink decorative nails then it is worth trying this one of the best nail art from Cardi B’s nails collection. This pink nail art is filled with gorgeous Swarovski crystals. She wears this decoration for the VMA’s 2018 event.

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