7 signs that you’re in a toxic relationship!

7 signs that you’re in a toxic relationship!
source: Time
  • Relationships might have issues over time, does not mean you give up on the other easily.
  • But, there are some traits you must analyze before you make any move.
  • If you see the following behavior in the partner be cautious and see if they are really toxic.

Life is a sweet memory why are we making it bitter by engaging in a toxic relationship. What is a toxic relationship and what are its signs? Engage with us, to know how ignorant you are to these 7 signs that your partner and you are missing out on your relationship.

Anything that is stopping you from progressing, limiting you, and draining your energy is toxic. Similar to the context of the relationship, if you are suffocating and you see yourself at lows each day, stay aware you might be unknowingly engaging yourself in a toxic relationship.

Controlling traits and won’t let you be yourself

Notice if your partner is dominating and controlling, is he really wanting your betterment or he is overpowering his emotions over you. A right partner always respects your views and allows you to be yourself, unlike the toxic one.

If you think you can not live without your partner, you are wrong. It’s even harder to live after leaving the true self.

Don’t care about your feelings

What truly matters at the end of the day is what you feel, not what the other one feels. If there is any misunderstanding go and clear it, open yourself in front of your beloved, and notice if your feelings are considered. Only, in a toxic relationship, the other drains your energy and suppresses your emotions.

toxic relationship
Toxic relationship source: Dr. Julie relationship coach

Won’t prioritize you

Love is about giving, not taking and demanding. If s/he truly loves you, you will be on their priority list. Yes, it’s okay to be busy and not to give you enough time but it is necessary that he must make sure you are okay and even for once, ask about your feelings on this. Right partner takes and gives space, give him his space but take in mind if he really prioritizes you or not.

You Are The Bad Guy

When you are in love, you just feel like one. There is no such thing as you are right or I am good. Only, what is wrong here is the problem, time, and situation. It should be You VS The Problem not You VS Me. It’s always high time when you realize things are really getting toxic if it’s always about you guys quarreling and pinpointing each other’s fault. A

True love embraces each other fault and gradually grows over time. So, make sure what you ought to be doing in this scenario.

You are the bad guy
source: YouTube

Communication Problem

It’s okay to have healthy boundaries between a loving pair. You must have a sound ability to communicate your boundaries, both through words and actions. Yes, at the beginning it’s always new and sometimes you feel like escaping but what stays in love.

Healthy communication is a must to know each other’s like, dislikes and accompany your thoughts and beliefs system. If you do not even communicate basic things and it goes haywire when you two sit to talk, it’s a red flag. Analyze yourself it is really toxic to not talk and sort even the basics of things.

Walking on the eggshell

As the eggshell is delicate, it is obvious your relationship is delicate too but that does not mean you to be very cautious about your every action. Sometimes you feel like being carefree and loving the person with your true self. You need not be worried about how the person reacts to how you behave, give them the right treatment after treating yourself right.

Embrace yourself and the other person, it’s often a difficult choice to walk on eggshells and We suggest you not do that any further. Have a deep understanding of the matter and decide if it really needs that delicacy.

Free Yourself

Extreme self-doubts

It is obvious that you will be getting self-doubt if the other one is not making amove or giving you the attention you deserve. If it’s always about them and you are not included in the decisions, if they praise someone over you, one is sure to get these feelings. Just ask yourself and say you are the best, only what is wrong is this toxicity.

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