8 celebrities with their tattoos on their body parts and the reason behind their designs!

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Different Hollywood celebs have inked different tattoos on their body part. Many of them are dedicated to someone special or have meaningful messages.

These are some celebrities who have tattoos on their different body parts.

1)Justin and Hailey Bieber with matching tattoos?

Justin is a famous Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his dance and Grammy awards.

This singer has more than 60 tattoos on his different body parts. Justin has a small cross tattoo under his eye. He has also done an ink job above the abdomen belly for his album purposes, on his chest (For the late Michael Jackson).

Further, he inked a Christian cross in the middle of his trunk, forgive tattoo on his waist, a huge rose in front of his neck, The eight ball, a Folded hand on his left leg, a belief on his left arm, a Roman number, and far more.

Justin Bieber and his beautiful wife Hailey Bieber got a matching tattoo done by artist Dr. Woo.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber with his impressive tattoos (Source: Instagram)

2)Zayn and Gigi inked for their daughter!

Zayn is an American singer and songwriter. He was an ex-member of a band named One Direction but in 2015 he officially left the group. His recent hit song is Dusk Till Down. His many songs hit the top 10 on the billboard.

This popular singer has more than 60 tattoos on his body. This singer’s first tattoo was his grandfather’s name on his chest. He has done an ink job on the center of his chest with his girlfriend Gigi’s eyes, and Arabic writing on his chest which translates to “Be True To Who You Are”.

He tattooed a Criss Cross on his right leg, a huge snake on his right shoulder, his dad’s name on the back of the ear, MSG 3-12-12 tattoos on his hand, and many more.

Zayn and his girlfriend Gigi got a matching tattoo for their newborn baby Khai.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik with his attractive tattoos (Source: Instagram)

3) Want to know more about Post Malone’s tattoo?

Malone is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Some of his famous songs are Congratulation, Sunflower, Rockstar, and many more. He is best known for his unique vocal and songwriting.

Malone has more than 77 tattoos on his body. His first tattoo was a Playboy bunny in 2016. He has 14 tattoos on his face. Lil Peep Portrait on his left arm, Barbed Wire on his both hands, Jesus Portrait’ on his chest.

Similarly, he tattooed a Grizzly Bear on his right hand, Praying Hands With A Gun on his right arm, and Gun with a snake wrapped around it on his left arm, a Bison Skull on his throat, a Gadsden Snakeon his left forearm, and far more.

Post Malone
Post Malone with his impressive tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

4) Does Tyga still have Kylie’s name tattooed?

Tyga is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and television personality. His song Loyal with Chris brown was no 1 on the billboard.

This rapper has inked more than 36 tattoos on his body. He got his first tattoo when he was 14 years old. He has inked several tattoos including A roaring tiger on his left shoulder, and ‘VIETNAM’ on his right forearm.

Similarly, his whole left arm inked with flames, 80 BABE on the left side of his neck, his mother’s name on the right side of his neck, God Gift across the lower part of his fingers, Jesus Christ tattoo on the center of the stomach, and many more.

He has inked his ex-girlfriend’s name, Kylie on the inner side of his right bicep.

Tyga with his stunning tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

5) How many tattoos does Miley Cyrus have?

Miley is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is best known for her leading role in a Disney show named Hanna Montana.

This pop singer has 74 tattoos on her body. She got her first tattoo “Just Breath” when she was 17 years old in 2009. She has inked many tattoos LOVE on her right ear, Dreamcatcher on her right ribcage, a peace sign, tiny black cross on her ring finger.

He inked a karma tattoo on his index finger, a sugar skull on her right foot, an Om symbol on her left wrist, love never dies on her left arm, Roman Numerals on her right forearm, Quote by Theodore Roosevelt Tattoo on her left forearm, Crossed Arrows near her right elbow, and more.

Miley has done her Grandma’s Portrait on her right forearm.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus with her amazing tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

6) How many times does 6ix9ine get 69 inked?

6ix9ine is an American rapper and songwriter. His songs have already made it to the Billboard Top 100. He is also known for his unique hairstyle and look.

This rapper has 69 tattoos 69 on his chest, stomach, upper left arm, forehead, both of his hands, and below his left eye. His jaw has been inked with spiderwebs.

He has done lots of inked jobs including Scum on the upper side of his left forearm, Oscar on his face, flower tattoo on the left side of his forehead, Purple rose on his under the neck, Multi-Colored Flowers on his shoulders, Shark on his left torso, and many more.

6ix9ine with his unique tattoo. (Source: Instagram)

7) At what age did Ed Sheeran get his first tattoo?

Sheeran is an English singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and businessman. He is best known for his songs ‘Thinking Out Loud,’ ‘Photograph,’ ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Perfect’.

Ed got his first tattoo when he was 18. His first tattoo was a Paw Print in black on his left forearm.

He has a Huge Lion inked on his chest, LADZ on TOUR on his left shoulder blade, Koala inked on his left forearm, Goat inked on his left forearm, Red Heart on his right arm, Kool Guy on his right bicep, and more.

Ed Shreeran
Ed Sheeran with his colorful tattoos. (Source: Instagram)

8) Which artist designed David Beckham’s back tattoo?

David is an English former professional footballer, the current president & co-owner of Inter Miami CF. Beckham has scored 62 goals with his team over the year and became a superstar.

David has more than 50 tattoos across his body. He has inked his body with a Harper tattoo on his left pec, Pretty Lady on his left pec, Rose on the left side of his neck, Jesus and Cherubs on his left pec, Angel on his right shoulder, Angel on his right shoulder, Biblical Text on his right ribs, and many more.

Louis Molloy is a tattoo artist who has designed Beckham back tattoos.

David Beckham
David Beckham with his extraordinary tattoo. (Source: Instagram)
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