Sal Vulcano

Sal is a very private person and he manages to keep his private life very secret. At present, he is possibly single.

There is nothing info about his affair, wife, girlfriend, or children.

Once he had tweeted about his wife, but later he revealed that he was just joking about it.

James Murray

James Murray was married to Jenna Vulcano, sister of his friend, Sal Vulcano, as a stunt for Impractical Jokers.

They annulled the marriage the following day. The relationship ended within 24 hours of the wedding.

He is now married to Melyssa Davies

In the year 2019, this couple exchanged rings. Then they exchanged vows on 26 Sep 2020 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Kari Snow

Kari Snow is currently single. To date, she has not introduced anybody as her partner.

In the show, Are You the One? she got paired with co-contestants; Max Gentile and Kylie Smith as partners. However, they are no longer together anymore.