Julianna Farrait

Julianna Farrait is of course a married woman and a wife of a scandalous drug dealer and convicts Frank Lucas. The duo first met when Frank was on his trip to Puerto Rico. Julianna fell for Frank in a moment and they started dating each other. Later, they turned their dating relationship into marital vows. In one of her interviews, she claimed that she had an interest in danger and valued materialistic things and wealth more than anything in life. Together the couple has 3 kids namely Ray Lucas, Frank Lucas Jr., and Francie Lucas Sinclair.

They also adopted 4 stepchildren who are Ruby, Candace, Betty, and Tony. After she was freed from jail, she resided separately from her late husband. However, the pair got back together in the year 2006. After, her husband’s demise, Julianna has been residing in New Jersey, America with her family.

Doreen Lioy

Doreen Lioy saw her late ex-husband Richard Ramirez for the first time in 1985. She saw him on TV and fell for him at the first sight.

After that, she wrote more than 70 letters to him and visited him in prison at least four times a week. Finally, Ramirez proposed to Doreen in 1988, and eventually married on October 3, 1996, at California San Quentin State Prison.

She had a controversial life after their marriage. She didn’t care about other people and described him as kind, funny, and charming.

Doreen was always positive that he was innocent. She was so committed to him that she even threatened to have suicide if he was executed. She wrote a book about him titled ‘Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker’.

She fought for the convict and appealed for the removal of his death sentence. However, California Supreme Court rejected their appeal for removal of the death sentence on August 7, 2006.

Their marriage did not last too long and they got divorced after some years. He eventually died while on death row on July 7, 2013, from B-cell lymphoma.

She didn’t have any children and she lost all her dreams and her family because of her unbelievable relationship with the convicted criminal.