The sudden accidental death of Princess Grace in 1982 remains a mystery!

The sudden accidental death of Princess Grace in 1982 remains a mystery!

Some sudden deaths become a mystery. They leave behind many unanswered questions. It happened in the case of the death of Princess Diana in Paris. And also in the sudden death of Princess Grace of Monaco. Was the death of Princess a murder? Was it a technical problem in the car she was driving? Or was it her some unpredicted acute health issue?

The Car crash – Princess Grace

Princess Grace of Monaco was a beloved royal family member. Born in 1949, she went on to gain fame as Grace Kelly in Hollywood. After an unsuccessful romance with fashion designer Oleg Cassini, she wed Prince Ranier III of Monaco. The couple had three children: Caroline, Albert, and Stephanie.

Grace Kelly car crash [Source: Grace Kelly]
Grace and Stephanie were driving back from the family’s vacation home in Roc Agel in a Rover P6 3500 on 14 September 1982. On D37 highway in Monaco, the car spiraled out of control and plunged 120 feet off the mountain-side, killing Grace. But Stephanie was saved.

Who was driving the car?

A number of questions remain unanswered regarding the crash. It is unclear who was driving the car. Eye witnesses reveal Stephanie was behind the wheel. She was also pulled out from the driver’s seat. If Grace was at the wheel, why was she driving on such a winding road without her chauffeur. And she hated driving!

Grace and Stephanie [Source: Pinterest]

Any technical issue with the car?

There were nonskid marks on the highway where the car fell. So did the brakes fail? But British Leyland, the manufacturer of the Rover P6 3500, stated that the ill-fated car had a fail-safe dual brake system. Could Grace have mistakenly pressed the accelerator instead of the brake?

Heath issues of Princess Grace?

Grace and Rainier [Source: Town and Country magazine]
After the crash, Monaco Palace stated that the injuries of Grace were not serious. But she was on life support which doctor weaned off after 36 hours with family consent. The medical cause was put as stroke leading to accident and death. But then, Grace was not overweight and had no high blood pressure or any risk factors for it. There was also a theory that she was unwell that summer.

Any personal issues?

Were Grace and Stephanie arguing when the accident occurred? Stephanie was planning to marry to marry her then-boyfriend, Paul, son of French film star, Jean-Paul Belmondo. This was the point of contention between them.

Some conspiracy theories also came to the forefront. Some felt that Grace was murdered under an elaborate plan associated with the Vatican and the Mafia. But Prince Rainier had said:

I can’t for a moment see why the Mafia would want to kill her,”

Grace and family [Source: Harper’s bazaar]
He explained that it was just a tabloid fodder. People also talked about the curse of Grimaldis and attributed Grace’s death to it. They said that in the 13th century, a Grimaldi had raped a Flemish woman who cursed the royal clan. As a result, the family has deaths, tragedies, and scandals.

And now 38 years after the death, Grace’s sudden exit from the world remains a mystery!