Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is drop-kicked by a crazy fan at the Arnold Classic Africa Event in Johannesburg in South Africa!

Meet the ‘Austrian Oak’ Arnold Schwarzenegger and catch the latest on his career and details about his past accidents and broken bones!

Fans love, adore and worship their celebrity favorites. But on the other hand, some people tend to remove their anger, jealousy, or enmity toward celebrities.

This may be just in a verbal way in person or online. But then some may become physical and even manhandle the stars.

Recently, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who was also former Governor of California got the shock of his life when he was drop-kicked from the back by an assailant.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the attack on him

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 71 was at an event in Johannesburg in South Africa when he was kicked to the floor by an assailant who had managed to evade the security. However, he was quickly brought under control by Arnold’s bodyguards.

In the video clip which surfaced on Saturday, it can be observed that Arnold was at the Arnold Classic Africa event in Johannesburg. He was at ease and chatting with his fans. He had his mobile in his hand. Suddenly, the attacker comes from behind and kicks him hard on his back.

Arnold falls to the ground. He fell ahead into the crowd of people and hit the ground. Luckily, Arnold was not hurt despite the hard blow and his advanced age.

Before the attack, the attacker was seen in the background waving his hands. He then tries to approach Arnold the first time but something prevents him in between. But the second time, he manages to land his foot kick on the actor’s back forcing him to drop forward.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tweet

The attacker was immediately hauled by Arnold’s security personnel and pinned to the ground. Others of his security team rush to assist Arnold and ensure that he has not been injured badly.

The crowd is shocked and people gasp. A child can be heard in the background sounding distressed. An adult can be heard trying to pacify and reassure the child. Someone shouts:

“Help me, I need a Lamborghini.”

It is not clear who is shouting this sentence. Arnold later tweeted:

“Thanks for your concerns, but there is nothing to worry about. I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens a lot.

“I only realized [sic] I was kicked when I saw the video like all of you. I’m just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt my Snapchat.”

He was not affected gravely by the attack on him and took his seat by the side of the court.

The former Governor also uploaded a video of himself greeting his fans outside the event venue called Sandton Convention Centre.

What did the organizers say?

The organizers of the event were left red-faced. They apologized for the attack and said:

“Arnold was sadly and unexpectedly attacked by a crazed fan who had breached security.”

“Sandton Convention Centre security responded swiftly by apprehending the offender and handing him over to police.”

Source; Unilad (Arnold Schwarzenegger drop-kicked)

Wayne Price, the organizer of the event said:

“Arnold was in great spirits and very generous with fans and athletes alike.”

“Mr Schwarzenegger is fine and still in good spirits. He still carried on with the activities as planned and is fully taking this in his stride.

“He even joked that some people got more excited than others.”

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The exact reason for this attack is not yet known. But Arnold had decided to not file an official report against the offender. He considers the incident as an unfortunate doing by a mischievous fan.

Source; Daily Mail, sky news