Actress Yara Shahidi who is the voice of Gen Z posted an emotional video in the wake of the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas this weekend!

Actress Yara Shahidi who is the voice of Gen Z posted an emotional video in the wake of the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas this weekend!

Actress Yara Shahidi holds a strong voice. She is also an activist and after the mass shootings which took place in Texas and Ohio, Yara made a strong moving speech on her social media. She is the voice of Generation Z and is, therefore, a vital part of this era.

Yara Shahidi and her powerful speech

Actress Yara Shahidi, 19 uploaded a video of her speech in the aftermath of the mass shootings which took place at Walmart, El Paso, Texas and in Ohio. Yara had been quite vocal about the problems which have hit the USA in recent years. In her speech, Yara said that there should be a dissolution of white supremacy. Additionally, she stated that the elected government and its officials should be held responsible for all the deaths in the mass shooting.

In her speech on social media, Yara also talked about Tamir Rice, 12 who was killed by a Cleveland police officer in the year 2014. The said police officer has not faced any charges for the death of Tamir and has in fact being recruited in the Ohio police force in 2018. Yara also mentioned about the murder of rapper cum entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle this year in April outside his store Marathon Clothing in Los Angeles.

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Yara said:

“When we talk about Tamir Rice, which is something that makes me really emotional every time we talk about it, but, I see that and like, ‘How dare you kill my brother?’ You see the murder of Nipsey Hussle and it’s like, ‘How dare you kill my prophets?'”

Yara Shahidi and her speech

Yara further continued:

“And it has everything to do with how we feel placed in this world, and to see other people’s lack of care is world-shifting—but it’s also very inspirational because it reminds me of why we do this work, and why you have to advocate for something more than yourself,” 

Yara had captioned this emotional video with the following words:

“How dare you kill my family. I’ve been at a loss for words in light of the tragic loss of life in El Paso and Dayton. All I can say is: HOW DARE YOU KILL MY FAMILY. We must continue to hold our elected officials accountable, we must hold each other accountable to carry with us and live in the legacies of everyone who is no longer with us.”

“We must reinstate a sense of care by disassembling the white supremacy that has been allowed to run rampant in the USA since our inception.”

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The comments to Yara’s posted video

Celebrities and fans applauded her video. Zendaya and Amanda Seales put up heart emojis for her video. And Kendrick Sampson commented:

“How dare you kill our family. I’m right here with ya. Disrupt. Dismantle. And Build the caring world our communities deserve.”

Additionally, Chloe x Halle wrote:

“love you so much,”

While Billy Porter stated:

“It’s time!”

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Tracee Ellis Ross put up Yara’s video on her Instagram and wrote:

“THANK YOU YARA for your heart and your willingness to speak the hurt and to name the action.”

While Zoe Kravitz also had positive comments for the star.

Short Bio on Yara Shahidi

Yara Sayeh Shahidi is an American actress and model. She is famous for playing Zoey on the sitcom Black-ish. She is a teenager and has achieved a sky-high success at this early age. She has bagged a number of characters and so much success also and she now just a 17 years old girl. More Bio…

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