Adam Levine Apologized For ‘Maroon 5’ After His Performance In Chile Concert!

Adam Levine, the lead singer of the pop-rock band Maroon 5 apologized for Maroon 5 after their recent concert performance on Chile. Maroon 5 got lots of criticism after their performance at the concert.

This Thursday, the band had its performance in Chile. People don’t seem to like the performance of Adam in the recent concert.

Adam Levine explained the reason for their ‘bad’ performance

During the concert of Maroon 5  at Chile’s Viña del Mar festival on Thursday, the lead singer Adam seemed off and distracted. He felt uncomfortable throughout his band’s set which was on the broadcasted live on the TV.

The singer was cold, reluctant and preoccupied during his performance. The show which broadcasted on the TV which lasted for about an hour. One of the videos showed him leaving the stage. He also stared complaining saying that was a TV show, not the concert.

After the video came up on the internet, people started talking about unprofessionalism. Later on, the singer apologized for his behavior on the stage. He also mentioned he was acting the way because of the sound issues.

He asked for an excuse explaining the reason behind his ‘unprofessional’ behavior. The actor asked for the apology with all of his fans and followers as he appears bored on the stage.

He also made a video on his official Instagram account with an apology. In the video, he explained why he showed unprofessional behavior at the Vina del Mar festival.

In the video, he stated:

Adam Levine apologize with his fans (Source: Toofab)

“I am so excited and passionate about concerts and about being my best, and about the band being our best. Performing, I take so seriously – sometimes too seriously – and to be totally frank, there were some things holding me back sonically last night and I let them get to me and it impacted how I was behaving on stage, which was unprofessional and I apologise for that.”

Furthermore, the singer mentioned, sometimes when the technical problems take place he gives all of his focus on singing. He felt that was the best way to put things out to the 60 million people out there watching the show that night.

In addition, he also added he wanted to sound good and alongside look good and also feel good. The singer stated he has to struggle many times and sometimes he fails accepting he let his fans down.

Talking about his Chilene fans, he said he really adore them and loved going to the place. Moreover, the performance was not the best and he apologized for it.

Adam unprofessionalism on the concert (Source: Today Show)
On the other hand, some of the fams slammed him on social media after his performance. One of the Twitter users said that Maroon 5 came to the most prestigious festival of LATAM and the show was not satisfactory. Likewise, many people talked about them and that for some in a good way and some on bad.

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More About Adam Levine

Adam Levine is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and record producer, who is immensely eminent for being a lead vocalist in the pop-rock band ‘Maroon5’. His latest album is Red Pill Blues which was released in 2017. After releasing a music video ‘Sugar’ having over 1.5 billion views, Adam Levine along with his bandmates recently released a music video ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ which was available on YouTube on October 14, 2016. See more bio…

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