7 Affordable Home Depot Bedroom Furniture

7 Affordable Home Depot Bedroom Furniture
  • The bedroom is your sleeping place which contains different things such as beds, a clothes closet, a bedside table, a dressing table, etc.
  • Mainly, they are made with furniture because they look very attractive and amazing.
  • There are a lot of furniture shops that provide you a high-quality modern style bedroom furniture.

They are wallet-friendly too.

If you are looking for a depot bedroom furniture at very affordable prices. Then, here are 7 affordable home depot bedroom furniture.

1. Hemnes – 6-drawer chest

Hemnes – 6-drawer chest ( Source: ikea.com )

This Hermes features 6 drawer chest that has both a traditional look and modern functions. It has 6 smooth running drawer which is very easy to use. It is made with high-quality wood and warm natural material. This luxury Hemnes drawer is worth around $229.

2. Sleeper sofa – Balkarp

Sleeper sofa – Balkarp ( Source: ikea.com )

This multi-purpose Sleeper Sofa offers you a comfortable sitting place. You can easily change the sofa into a straight bed for sleeping purposes. This Vessel gray cover fit sofa only costs you around $199.

3. Beds – Owen Black Wood Bed

Beds – Owen Black Wood Bed ( Source: homedepot.com )

Generally, a luxury bed’s costs are higher than the normal one. If you are planning to buy a simple and affordable bed then. This Owen Black Wood Bed is fit for your Bedroom. It will only cost you around $269.

4. Portable Closet with Drawers

Portable Closet with Drawers ( Source: homedepot.com )

This portable closet has a Dual magnetic door with smooth drawers. To keep your favorite clothes fresh a breathable fabric is used. This beautiful Closet cost around $91.

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5. Bedside Table

Bedside Table ( Source: amazon.com )

If you want a small and cute Bedside Table alongside your sleeping bed. Then, we suggest you buy these kinds of medium-sized Bedside tables. The above-shown VIKI Bedside Table is worth around $2.67 – $5.

6. Romansque – Accent Chair

Romansque – Accent Chair ( Source: pricebusters.com)

Your Bedroom is incomplete without these Accent chairs. It has a sophisticated diamond-tufted design and slim track arms with traditional touch. This Romanesque Accent Chair cost around $379.99.

7. Wood Cairo Dressing Table with drawers 

Wood Cairo Dressing Table with drawers  ( Source: amazon.com )

This wood Cairo Dressing Table has a mirror as well as two drawers. You can easily arrange your Cosmetic products, Jewellery, and other essential things. Its market price is $277.63.

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