Alec Baldwin decided against running for office for fear that his wife, Hilaria would divorce him!

American actor Alec Baldwin had a desire to run for the post of the Governor of New York. But later, he decided against it for the good of his marriage to Hilaria. The actor told Rob Lowe that he would have to be away from his family for a longer time if he opted to join politics. His wife would not like this and hence he decided to kill his political aspirations.

Alec Baldwin had to forgo his political aspirations

Actor Alec Baldwin had appeared on Rob Lowe’s podcast Literally this week. During the talk, he spoke about his family. Alec also mentioned that he wanted to run for the post of the Governor of New York. But he feared that his wife Hilaria might divorce him if he did so. Alec, 62 said:

“My wife said she would divorce me if I ran for office.”

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin
Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin (Source: pagesix)

The Academy Award nominee, Alec said that he was keen to run for the position like other stars such as Cynthia Nixon and Howard Stern. Explaining further on the reason of Hilaria not wanting him to run for office, Alec said that she was not happy with Alec commuting between New York City and Washington DC if he is elected.

Alec talks about the political scenario in the USA

The actor received an Emmy for his great portrayal of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Talking about the scenario of modern politics and modern-day politicians, Alec admitted:

“None of them are losing sleep over anything other than their political power and their fundraising.”

His thinking is that the politicians want the position only as a status symbol. They have nothing more to do with it;

“Public office is a means of completing themselves.”

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin (Source: E online)

The politicians are not concerned about the true welfare of their people. They assume office and weld power but do nothing substantial for the citizens residing in their constituency.

Alec and his recent fatherhood

This month, Alec has become a father again. His spouse Hilaria, 36 gave birth to a son called Edu. The couple has four other children besides the newborn son. They are daughter Carmen who is 7, son Rafael who is 5, son Leonardo who is now 4, and son Romeo who is 2. Moreover, Alec also has a daughter named Ireland with his ex-wife Kim Basinger. Ireland is a model and of 24 years of age now.

Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin and their big family (Source: onecountry)

Rob, 56 said:

‘The people that I was always drawn to – the consensus builders and the people who could reach across the aisle, the stories of Tip O’Neill and [Ronald] Reagan battling and cursing each other and then going and having a whiskey and cutting a deal in the cloakrooms – that just doesn’t exist anymore,’

On an earlier occasion, Alec had talked about Joe Biden and compared him with Ronald Reagan. He said:

‘My concern about Biden is – is he our Reagan? Is he the Democratic Ronald Reagan? Older,’

‘People have been making all kinds of comments about him in terms of his age, and with the Republicans, it didn’t matter.’

‘They were like, “Ronald Reagan has got six Hollywood anecdotes he could tell. That’s good enough for us, let’s get him out there.”‘

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