Alison Jane Moyet Career, Net Worth And The Biggest Hits of Her; Also Find Out About Her Relationship, Children And Weight Loss

A singer, songwriter and performer from the United States, Alison Jane Moyet is the winner of the British Phonographic Industry Award winner for British Female Solo Artist.

Alison is popularly known for being the half of the duo Yazoo. But with which, synth pop duo did she started her career in? what has she said about weight loss?

Let’s find out more about Alison.

Source: Sharpers (Alison Moyet)
Source: Sharpers (Alison Moyet)

Career, Net worth and Biggest Hits of Alison Jane Moyet

Alsion is best known for her work in synthpop duo Yazoo and as a solo artist. Yazoo was a British synthpop pair consisting of Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke.

At her teenager, she got involved in a number of local punk rock bands, At that period, she was balancing her jobs as a shop assistant and piano tuner. She got the fame from her deep, profound voice and self-written lyrics.

Source: Aalamy (Alison Moyet)
Source: Alamy (Alison Moyet)

During her career, she gave many hits with Yazoo. They released two albums, Upstairs at Eric’s (1982) and You and Me Both (1983).

Moreover, they gave Yazoo a number of Top 3 hits including Only You, Don’t Go, Situation and The Other Side Of Love.

Meanwhile, Yazoo split in 1983, indicating a character conflict and artistic varieties for the break-up. Alison and Vince rejoined in 2008 for a series of live dates and to rejoice the reissue of their discography.

Immediately after the split, Alison started her solo career. Moreover, she sold over 23 million albums and scored nine Top 30 singles. Alison’s latest album ‘Other’ was released in June 2017. In addition, she will start on a world tour later in the year.

Alison Moyet’s net worth is estimated to be of £8.2 million.

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Personal life and weight battle of Alison Jane Moyet and her married life

Alison has opened up about her serious weight which led her to size 10 from size 22. She admitted that the reason behind her extreme weight loss was her intense diet. In 2013, while talking to The Telegraph she revealed:

 “Personally I think women look better with a bit of chub on them. I’ve lost too much weight and I’m working on getting fatter again.”

Moreover, she added:

Source: Contact Music (Alison Moyet and Daughter)
Source: Contact Music (Alison Moyet and Daughter)

“It was a mixture of health reasons and not wanting to be looked after by the patronising thin. It’s funny as my whole character has been based upon not getting approval elsewhere. And I don’t like the kind of approval that goes with weight loss.”

Talking about her relationship, she is happily married. Alison is married to David Ballard and the pair is blessed with one daughter, Caitlin. She also has the son Joe and daughter Alex from previous relationships. She currently resides in East Sussex.

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Short bio on Alison Jane Moyet

Alison Jane Moyet is a singer, songwriter, and performer from the United Kingdom. She is one of the most successful singers of all time in the UK selling over 23 million albums and more than a million singles.

She got huge recognition after signing with the synthpop band Yazoo. Furthermore, she was also nominated for the Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female in 1992 for the chartbuster single It Won’t Be Long. More bio…