Is Amber Heard Getting Replaced By Warner Brothers If She Looses Her Trail? Update On Her And Johnny Deep Controversy!

Johnny Depp Controversy After Allegation Of Abuse From Amber Heard ; Johnny’s 3 Ex GFs Come For His Rescue!

Amber Heard, the American actress has been in headlines for several months for several different reasons. She was in a huge controversy after she posted her picture from one of the mosques from her Turkey visits. Moreover, she is also going through a trial for the legal issues with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Is Amber Heard getting replaced on Aquaman 2?

With all the ongoing legal issues, the American actress might get replaced on the upcoming movie Aquaman 2. There are many actresses’ names coming around her, but the Warner Brothers have not confirmed any names. As per the sources, they are waiting for the outcome of her ongoing trail of defamation between her and Depp.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are having bitter legal battle (Source: Media)

She was the part of the first season of Aquaman, a big hit on Hollywood. NDA forbade the former couple to talk about each other anywhere. Heard accused her former husband of domestic violence which he has strictly denied. Moreover, the actor is also one the process of suing the publisher of The Sun.

Back in 2018, the publication published the article mentioning the actor “wife-beater”.

Update on ongoing legal battle of Heard and Depp

After the high-profile divorce case of Heard and Depp, it came along with abuse allegations. Both of them claimed each other of abuse allegations. After the actress came with the allegations of physical abuse, Depp’s former partner’s came in rescue for him.

Johnny Depp filed the case for defamation (Source: Wide Open Pets)

At the time, she mentioned Depp threw a phone at her and left her with a bruise on her face. However, during the investigation, the authorities found the domestic incident radio call. The audio showed a different story and did not work in favor of the actress.

On the other hand, the actor denied the allegation which came from his former spouse. Moreover, he even addressed that she was attempting to secure a premature financial resolution from the allegations. After the actress wrote a letter of domestic violence in 2018, Depp sued her. He filed the suit against her for defaming him over an article. Furthermore, on the suit, he mentioned Heard was not the victim of domestic violence.

Amber Heard may get replaced on Aquaman 2 (Source: Thre Blast)

With many legal battles going on, the former couple is attending the legal trials for their case. In addition, the trial began in early July which may length as per the condition.

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More About Amber Heard

Amber Heard is an American actress from Texas who gained recognition when she appeared in supporting roles. She appeared on the Judd Apatow produced stoner comedy “Pineapple Express”. Moreover, she has also appeared in the martial arts drama “Never Back Down”, both of which box office successes in 2008.

Heard has a prominent role as a photographer who flirts with Channing Tatum’s protagonist in the comedy-drama “Magic Mike XXL”. It is a sequel to “Magic Mike”, released back in 2012. See more bio…

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