American actor Kevin Spacey is questioned in the USA by Scotland Yard police under caution for sexual assault cases in the UK!

Actor Kevin Spacey pokes about his Gay rumors as he sings the opening song at Tony Awards! Seems he doesn’t want to keep it a secret anymore…

There is another megastar of the USA under the legal radar. American actor of House of Cards fame Kevin Spacey, 59was questioned under caution by the UK police who traveled to the USA for it.

There are allegations of 6 sexual assaults levied against the actor between the years 1996 to 2013. These were supposedly committed in the UK and hence Scotland Yard police went to the USA to talk to the star.

Kevin Spacey interviewed under caution by the UK cops

Scotland Yard detectives traveled to the USA recently to pose personal and direct questions to the American star Kevin Spacey. Kevin has 6 alleged cases of sexual assault against him in the UK.

These crimes were supposedly committed between the years 1996 to 2013. The US website Variety first broke the news about these alleged sexual assaults.

Source: Vulture (Kevin Spacey)

The police officers from the UK have interviewed Kevin, 59 under caution. They had earlier interviewed him similarly under caution this May.

The spokesperson for the local Metropolitan Police did not name the individual but stated that a man has been voluntarily interviewed by officers from the Met’s Complex Case Team. She said:

“In May 2019, a man was voluntarily interviewed under caution in America, by officers from the Met’s Complex Case Team.

“He was not arrested. Inquiries are ongoing.”

The sexual assault cases against Kevin Spacey

Kevin was one of the first Hollywood actors who had cases of sex assault against him after the Harvey Weinstein scandal came to light.

Kevin used to work at the London’s Old Vic Theater from 2004 to 2015. He was the artistic director at the Theater. A man named Anthony Rapp has alleged that when he was 14 and Kevin was 26, Kevin had made a sexual advance on him in the year 1986.

In response, Kevin said that he does not remember the time and any sort of encounter with the man, but he apologized for his inappropriate drunken behavior.

Source: Pinterest (Anthony Rapp)

The Old Vic Theater also found 20 people who claimed that Kevin had inappropriately behaved with them.

Even in the US, a young man said that Kevin had groped him in a Nantucket bar way back in 2016. However, this man has now dropped his case against the actor. But despite the withdrawal of this lawsuit, Kevin still faces a criminal charge in the USA. The Last January, he pleaded not guilty to any indecent assault and battery.

Kevin Spacey and his career and the downfall

Kevin is an Oscar-winning actor. He has several memorable roles to his credit. He was performing in House of Cards when people made the allegations against him. As soon as these made headlines, the producer of House of Cards Netflix sacked Kevin. Kevin had also acted in the movie All The Money in the World.

The film was in a completed state and ready for release. But Sir Ridley Scott decided to completely remove any trace of Kevin in it and reshot the scenes containing him with a different actor. It cost the producer millions of dollars to redo it but he did not mind the loss.

Source: Billboard (Kevin Spacey)

Short Bio on Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is an American actor and singer. He got huge recognition after winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the neo-noir crime thriller The Usual Suspects in 1995.

In 1999, he again clinched the Academy Award for Best Actor for the midlife crisis-themed drama American Beauty as well as the Golden Globe Award in 2015 for House of Cards.

Additionally, his notable works include House of CardsCasino JackBeyond the SeaAmerican Beauty, and a few more. Apart from that, Kevin has also launched a single That Old Black Magician 1997. He also released an album Beyond the Sea: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack in 2004. More Bio…

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