American author and former Federal Prosecutor Lis Wiehl! Know about her sexual harassment lawsuit, the settlement, and her career!

American author and former Federal Prosecutor Lis Wiehl! Know about her sexual harassment lawsuit, the settlement, and her career!
  • Lis Wiehl is an American author former Federal Prosecutor and Fox News Legal Analyst.
  • New York Times reported in October 2017 that she had filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly in January 2017 just days before Fox News had renewed Bill’s contract with them.

So what is Lis Wiehl’s lawsuit all about?

New York Times ran a story in April 2017 that Bill O’Reilly had settled 5 sexual harassment lawsuits totaling $ 13 million. Once this became public, Fox News was forced to terminate Bill’s contract with them which they did in the same month.

But now in October 2017, the New York Times has come to know that there was another case in which Bill had settled for $ 32 million.

This settlement had taken place just a few days before his contract renewal with Fox. The Complainant, in this case, was Fox News former employee Lis Wiehl.

Source: PG Daily News (Lis Wiehl)
Source: PG Daily News (Lis Wiehl)

It is said that her allegations on Bill included those of repeated harassment, a nonconsensual sexual relationship, and the sending of gay pornography and other sexually explicit material to her. She had received a larger settlement amount than the others combined.

It is astonishing that the network paid such a large amount of money for Bill and yet renewed his contract for 4 years for $ 25 million per year. It is believed that Bill’s show on their network was very lucrative for the channel and hence they decided to hush up the matters.

But when the revelations came out, there was a huge exodus of advertisers from the show leading to Fox News’s loss and hence they fired Bill in April 2017. So it is all a money game after all!

It is also reported that Bill’s contract renewal came with a clause that Fox News could cancel it in case any new information or misbehavior from Bill warrants it.

So how did Bill and Lis come to know each other?

Lis Wiehl used to appear on Bill O’Reilly’s TV show in a segment called ‘Is it Legal?’ She, however, knew Bill right from the old days when the two used to be working on the nationally syndicated ‘Radio Factor’ for 7 years.

Source: Women around town (Lis Wiehl on Fox News)
Source: Women around town (Lis Wiehl on Fox News)

It was during these professional meets that the personal elements also took over and led to the current problems in their relationships.

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About Lis Wiehl

Lis was into multiple types of work before her media career took off. She used to write articles and legal guides. She was a legal correspondent for “All Things Considered” on NPR.

Wiehl had worked as legal counsel for the Democrats in the late 1990s for the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Bill Clinton Impeachment Debate. Lis was a federal prosecutor in the US Attorney’s office.

Source: Warren County Public Library (Lis with Steve Berry)
Source: Warren County Public Library (Lis with Steve Berry)

Her family has been in this line and she is the third generation in her family to be on this post. Her paternal grandfather and her father were the previous ones who worked similarly.

She had said:

“My father was an FBI agent. When I was growing up, he stressed to my brother and me his core belief that all men are created equal and that black Americans deserved the same rights as white Americans. He was passionate about seeing justice done. When I was 4, he took me to a civil rights march in Dallas, where he was stationed. We were two of just a handful of white faces in the crowd. I was proud of my dad that day and I’m proud of him today. It’s hardly a coincidence that I became a lawyer and federal prosecutor.”

She held the post of an adjunct Professor at the New York Law School.

During her days as a public prosecutor, she used to prosecute hired killers. She said:

 “One of the prosecutors in my office was murdered, and two people went to jail for threatening me. That’s part of the job. And any prosecutor who says they’re not bothered by that is fibbing, or stronger than I am.”

She is also a mystery book writer.

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Short bio on Lis Wiehl

Lis Wiehl is an American author. Also, he is a former FOX News legal analyst, commentator, and trial lawyer. Lil is widely famous as an author of The 59% Minority.

She recently gained popularity in the news and media after she made sexual harassment allegations against Bill O’Reilly. Currently, she is a professor at New York Law School. More bio…

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