American costume designer Chris March dead at age 56 due to heart attack!

Chris March was a famous American costume designer who was a finalist on the show Project Runway. He is no more. He died on 5 September 2019 after a heart attack. Designer Chris was 56 and died in California.

Chris March and his death

Chris March was a famous costume designer who died due to a heart attack at age 56 [Source: TV Line]
The famed fashion designer of Hollywood Chris March is dead. Sources close to the family of the star said that Chris died in the afternoon at 1.45 pm on Thursday 5 September 2019. His death is reported to be due to a heart attack.

Chris March and his medical problems

Chris was okay until June 2017. In that year, he had suffered a fall and hit his head against the wall in his apartment. His condition was so bad that he was put in a medically-induced coma. He had multiple complications following the fall and hit on the head. Chris had put up a Facebook post for his fans in which he wrote:

“I fell and hit my head in my apartment. It’s that simple,”

“I passed out and laid there for 4 days. I woke up and called 911 and somehow got to the hospital. In the hospital, all sorts of medical problems happened: My blood sugar was over 500. My organs started failing, my right lung collapsed, and they had to give me a tracheotomy and put me on a ventilator.”

Chris March was a famous costume designer of the USA. He died on 5 September 2019 due to heart attack at age 56 [Source: People]
Chris was left with partial paralysis after that. The cost of his health insurance had risen five times. Hence his friends created a GoFundMe page for him. This was to raise funds to meet his medical expenses. He had contemplated suicide and wrote:

“Where I am now is unbearable and makes me anxious and depressed every day. I have considered suicide many times,”

“I have tried my best to make strides.”

Tributes pour in for Chris March

Chris was a cheerful person. Andy Cohen of Bravo TV said:

“This is how I’m going to remember Chris March, dressed as Lisa Vanderpump as I wear a Giggy costume he made for one of our first Halloween specials. Chris was a finalist on Season 4 of Project Runway. He designed for everyone from Beyoncé, Gaga, Madonna, Meryl, Prince, and many legendary downtown drag queens (And Sonja Morgan!). And he had a big booming laugh; he was a joy and delight. #RIP”

Kevin O’Keeffe tweeted:

“This absolutely breaks my heart. Chris was such a light on his season of Project Runway. He was one of the first big, boisterous gay men I saw on TV who wasn’t the butt of the joke, but the one making everyone laugh. What a light in the world.”

Scott Nevins tweeted:

“I am heartbroken to learn that we lost ⁦

@ChrisMarchLOL. I was lucky enough to work alongside and get to know him years ago in NYC. He was outlandish, over the top and spectacularly funny (and kind). What a loss.”

He followed it with a broken heart emoji.

Jill wrote on his Twitter handle:

“Very VERY sad to learn about the death of Chris March. One of my favorite PR designers and he had one of the best finale shows in the series.”

Cindy J tweeted:

“Sad to learn of Chris March’s passing. He proved he could design for anybody and anybody. He had a personality that larger than life. RIP

Source: Huff Post