Amy Roloff has moved out of Roloff Family Farm into a self-purchased house in the vicinity costing $588.5k!

Amy Roloff of Little people big world fame has left the Roloff Family Farm. She has purchased for herself a love Oregon home for $ 588. 5k and is preparing to wed her boyfriend of three years Chris Marek.

Amy Roloff and her new home

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek plan to wed soon (Source: Daily Mail UK)

After a dark period in her life, Amy Roloff has ultimately made a move. She moved out of the Roloff Family Farm into a new home in Hillsboro, Oregon. She purchased this new house on 27 September 2019 for $ 588.5k. Initially people had thought that she would shift in with her lover Chris Marek. But now she has purchased this new place as the sole owner. Chris has sold her this new house.

This new place is only at a drive of 15 minutes, from her old farm. The new house is situated in a a quiet suburban neighborhood surrounded by several other charming homes. It is smaller than the 36-acre farm property. It measures 0.16 acres and the house occupies an area of 3,767 square feet.

More details of Amy Roloff’s new home

Amy Roloff has left the family farm (Source: Pinterest)

Amy’s new house has two-story with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The initial owners built the house way back in 2006 and it now definitely needs renovations. It has a cozy kitchen made of black marble stone and also oak wood. It has a huge pantry and the kitchen opens into the living area.

The living room has a wood floor and has a beautiful fireplace made of marble. There is a small backyard with a small garden as well  as a pond. The lawn is less private than that in the farm since houses surround it. There is a jacuzzi as well in the home.

Amy can now peacefully start with planning for her wedding to Chris. The house is not enough to accommodate her guests-family and friends.

Amy Roloff and her relationship

Amy Roloff, 54 was earlier married to Matt Roloff, 57. This year she released a book named A little Me. She spoke about her life with Matt who was her husband for 27 years and how it ended. She narrated that even before Amy’s marriage with Matt ended he already had started an extramarital affair with Caryn Chandler.

Amy Butler s happy with Chris Marek (Source: People)

Caryn was a longterm employee at the family farm in Oregon and she got close to Matt. Amy writes that he started spending more time in the Tavern. She felt that Caryn and Matt had more than a, working relationship. She said:

” I was devastated.”

Matt and Amy had four kids together: twins Zach and Jeremy aged 29, daughter Molly, 25, and son Jacob, 22. The couple divorced in April 2016.

She moved on and began dating real estate agent, Chris Marek. In December 2017, they made their relationship Instagram official. Amy said of this, relationship:

“I’ve never been in a relationship like this,”

I think with Matt…Matt was like, ‘These are my friends, these are your friends.’ They always had to be separate. But I definitely think Chris and I are on a better road when it comes to friendships.”

They engaged this September and now are readying for their wedding.

Short bio on Amy Roloff

Amy Roloff is a producer and actress, known for Little People, Big World; Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm and Little People, Big Dreams. Roloff is also a coach, teacher, and a philanthropist.She and Matthew Roloff were married before.  Roloff is an achondroplastic dwarf; her arms and legs are disproportionate with her torso. More bio… 

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