Who is ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko? Anastasiya trolled for altering her pictures and looking different in real life!

Who is ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko? Anastasiya trolled for altering her pictures and looking different in real life!

Anastasiya Kvitko is a Fitness and glamour model from Russia. She is an entrepreneur with more than 11 million Instagram followers.

What is Anastasia Kvitko’s age?

Anastasia Kvitko is 25 years old age at present. She was born on 25th November 1994 in Kaliningrad, Russia. Similarly, she moved to Miami, Florida from Russia to pursue her modeling career.

After sometimes, she moved to Los Angeles for a full-time modeling career. She belongs to a high-class family. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a primary teacher. Also, she has a sister with whom she grew up.

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Russian Kim Kardashian

Anastasiya Kvitko and Kim Kardashian
Anastasiya Kvitko and Kim Kardashian (Source: Pinterest)

Anastasiya Kvitko is known for her curves and she is compared with Kim Kardashian. Even though Kim is said to have undergone plastic surgery but Kvitko claims that she has not done any yet. She said,

“I like Kim Kardashian but I don’t quite like being compared to her — she is far behind me,” 

She added,

“Now my popularity is growing at a crazy speed, so it is a matter of time when I will be recognized more often than Kim. My body is sporty, my hip muscles are trained, my bottom is the most beautiful one, and I have not done any plastic surgeries on my face.”

Similarly, she has been accused by her followers of deliberately modeling herself on reality star Kim Kardashian.

Anastasiya accused of looks different in real-life?

There is a photo circulated of Anastasiya Kvitko where she looks different in the two photos. In one picture she has a slim jawline, nose, and cheeks. But in the other picture, she is the opposite of that.

Anastasiya Kvitko Instagram vs reality
Anastasiya Kvitko Instagram vs reality (Source: Pinterest)

People are questioning her for altering her photos. She airbrushes her pictures due to which she looks flawless in her picture. There are a lot of collage pictures of her saying “Instagram and reality”.

However, she claims that she does not have anything with her body. Some plastic surgery websites claimed that it is not possible way to have that kind of body naturally, no matter how much exercise you do.

Anastasiya Kvitko figure

The model known for her curvaceous body has a 38-25-42 hourglass figure. She claims that her figure is all down to hard work in the gym and will not be moved despite the image of her as a teenager.

Similarly, she was rejected by many modeling agencies for being fat. After that, she was determined to change herself. She tried to lose weight through a combination of dieting and exercise. So, she decided to make her figure a trademark and it worked for her as she has gained millions of followers.

She admits that she has a big appetite and likes to eat a lot. She said,

“I don’t have a special diet. I eat a lot, especially I like to eat pizza and seafood like salmon fish or shrimps. Earlier I often use to eat dishes generally made of vegetables.

Likewise, she added,

“There are a big variety of food and especially vegetables in food stores in US, so I could prepare every day almost different types of dishes made from vegetables,” 

Is Anastasiya dating anyone?

Anastasiya is very private when it comes to love and relationship. She has not revealed about dating anyone yet. Similarly, she has not posted with anyone who seems like her lover on her Instagram as well.

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Anastasiya’s Instagram

Anastasiya Kvitko has gained 11 million followers on her Instagram account. She has shared almost 1k posts on her Instagram. It is mostly her modeling shots and showing off her figure. She said,

“My Instagram account was growing…fast. Once it reached first one hundred thousand of followers. It was unbelievable,”

Instagram star Anastasiya Kvitko
Instagram star Anastasiya Kvitko (Source: Legit)

Likewise, she added,

“What is more, many comments were written by people from different places of the world but most of them were from my fans from USA, therefore, it appeared a necessity to move to [the] United States, because my email was filled by commercial proposals with invitations to visit [the] United States for work.”

How much is Anastasiya Kvitko earning?

Russian Kim Kardashian, Anastasiya Kvitko mentioned her ambassador status with Fashion Nova. It is one of the affordable clothing lines liked by rapper Chanel West Coast and model Blac Chyna. She wrote,

“Swimsuit @fashionnova @fashionnovamen Fashionnovapartner,”

Her potential earning was broke down by Vox and said,

“Influencers with up to 1 million followers can get $10,000 [per post], depending on the platform, and 1 million followers and up, you’re getting into territory where they can charge $100,000. Some can even get $250,000 for a post! Especially if the content is on Youtube and the influencer is in the gaming industry.”