Who is Ann Cabell Standish? Find about her age, married life with Robert Mueller, children, net worth and biography

Who is Ann Cabell Standish? Find about her age, married life with Robert Mueller, children, net worth and biography
  • Ann Cabell Standish is the wife of Robert Mueller.
  • Her husband Robert is an American lawyer and government official who served as the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from the year 2001 to 2013.

Robert Mueller and his wife Ann Cabell Standish
Robert Mueller and his wife Ann Cabell Standish (Source: Panda Gossips)

Ann Cabell’s age

Ann Cabell is the daughter of Thomas Anderson Standish, Jr. and Dorothy Lucile Standish. She was born in the year 1944 as both Ann and Robert are 75 years old at present.

Ann attended Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, Connecticut. After that, she attended Sarah Lawrence College.

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she started working as a special-education teacher for children with learning disabilities. She continued teaching when her husband was away for the Vietnam war.

Ann has also been a cancer patient and has undergone treatment on two different occasions and luckily she is healthy.

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Where did Ann Cabell Standish meet Robert Mueller?

Ann Cabell Standish and Robert Mueller met each other at a high school party. They were 17 years old at the time. When Robert was in Princeton, he invited her over for a weekend. They were together since then.

They dated for a while until they both graduated. They are together since then.

Ann and Robert’s marriage

Ann and Robert walked down the aisle soon after they graduated in September 1966. Their wedding was held at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. It was the 3rd September Labor Day weekend. Mueller had joined the military and was sent to Vietnam.

After nine months, Ann flew to Hawaii from the East Coast to meet her husband as he had stopped there for a few days to rest and recuperate. They have a very good bond as Robert keeps praising her from time to time.

Robert Mueller and his wife Ann Cabell Standish
Robert Mueller and his wife Ann Cabell Standish (Source: Glob Intel)

It is almost 55 years since they are together and happily married. Their bond is stronger than ever. Likewise, they have set a good example for people struggling in their married life.

Ann Cabell Standish and Robert Mueller’s children

Ann Cabell and Robert Mueller are parents of two children. They have two daughters Cynthia Mueller and Melissa Mueller. Their firstborn daughter is Cynthia who was born when Mueller was serving in Vietnam.

He met his daughter for the first time when Ann went to Hawaii in 1969. It had been nine months since he had left her for war. Ann’s priority is her family so she takes good care of them.

It is known that one of their daughters was born with spina bifida but due to their private nature it is difficult to know which one.

In the year 2008, they moved east to Boston initially because Children’s Hospital Boston had good treatment options for spina bifida.

Their daughter has also given birth so Ann and Robert are grandparents of three grandchildren. Just like their mother Ann, Cynthia and Melissa also like to stay away from media and maintain a private life.

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Ann Cabell Standish’s net worth

Ann Cabell has an estimated net worth of $1 million. As per Heavy, her husband Robert Mueller’s assets range from $4.2 million to $15.2 million.

However, it does not include residences or retirement funds. He had shares in IBM, Schwab, Chevron, BNY, GE, Vanguard, AT&T, Pfizer, Pepsico, and more.

Similarly, he gave a lot of his money in order to take on the role of Special Counsel in May 2017. Robert was a partner at WilmerHale, and his clients included Facebook, Sony, Apple, Intel, and even the NFL.

He had made $3.45 million at WilmerHale for the year he worked there. Also, he had a salary of $1.4 million a year while working at WilmerHale.

American lawyer and government official Robert Mueller
American lawyer and government official Robert Mueller (Source: NBC News)

Robert also made income from paid speaking engagements as he was paid to speak to Goldman Sach, industry groups, insurance companies, and charities.