Anne Hegerty responds to a tweet from a fan who labeled the post on The Jeremy Vine Show Twitter handle as disgusting!

Anne Hegerty who played the Governess on the show The Chase on ITV had appeared on the show The Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5. She spoke about some issues she had with her father. The show producers decided to highlight this on their Twitter handle. Anne was not aware of it until some fan of hers brought the disgusting tweet to her notice. She then decided to clear the air and spoke about it. Here is the snapshot of Anne’s take on the unpleasant tweet.

Anne Hegerty and The Jeremy Vine Show tweet

After Anne, 60 appeared on the show The Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5 and spoke about some issues she had with her father whom she loved, the show put up a tweet about it. They wrote:

“’Seriously Dad, did you actually have to bring the women home in the house?’ Anne Hegerty says although she was fond of her father, there were a lot of issues she had with him after he left on Christmas Eve when she was 12 @anne_hegerty! @TheJeremyVine!#jeremyvine.”

Source: Daily Express (Anne)

Alongside this tweet, the show’s official page put up a video of Anne talking to the show host Jeremy Vine, 54.

Anne Hegerty-her fan and her reply

One of Anne’s fans read the tweet on the official page of The Jeremy Vine show and was not happy with it. The fan replied:

“Might’ve guessed your show would leap on this aside…tut tut shame on you…(but it seems to be…ratings, ratings…we’ve got a scoop)…DISGUSTING!!!”

Anne at first did not understand what was disgusting. Hence she asked what was disgusting. Her Twitter follower then replied:

“Thought it was a bit cheeky of the show to want to tweet about your family’s dirty linen (it felt like they were reveling in some kind of scoop) BUT if you’re ok with it….then everything must be all well and good!”

Source: Metro UK (Anne)

Anne was not unhappy with the show’s tweet, unlike her fan. She was happy with the way the tweet was phrased. Hence Anne wrote back:

“Well, after all, I did say it. It’s not like I didn’t know I was on telly.”

Anne and her relations with her father

When Anne had come on the show The Jeremy Vine Show earlier, she did talk about her father, Kenneth Hegerty. She had said that she was fond of him as a father. But she was not happy with what he did to the family. She revealed that her father had deserted the family when she was just 12. In Anne’s words:

“I did like him. I was fond of him, he was the only person who did encourage me to do things.”

But Anne had continued:

“But there are a lot of issues my brother and I had with him.”

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Source: BBC (Anne Hegerty)

She had spoken some more things and later tweeted on it to defend the statements she made on the mass media. Anne wrote:

She said that it was not the job of the child to take care of a parent who was not in the child’s life for the major part of their childhood. Anne said:

“It’s not actually the child’s job to take care for the adult parent. That is legally not the position.”

Jeremy then counter-stated:

“It’s not legally the position, but it is morally the position though?”

To this, Anne said:

“Not if you walked out on Christmas Eve when you were 12.”

One of her fans disagreed with her and said that parents have spent the majority of their lives raising the kids. Anne then wrote back that 12 years was not a major part of her father’s life who lived to be 90. Some felt that she should be a bit considerate towards him. Anne then replied:

“Why someone in New Jersey watching British TV anyway.”

Whatever said and done, Anne had undergone a lot in her childhood which was difficult. She knows better whether her father deserves her care and consideration or not. No one else has any business to tell her anything on this issue, knowing quite well that in similar situations, they would have behaved similarly or maybe even worse!!!

Source: Express UK