Anti-ghosting and Bumble! The dating app has anti-ghosting measures in place!

Anti-ghosting and Bumble! The dating app has anti-ghosting measures in place!

These days dating apps are popular and their use has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. But they have their own set of problems and limitations. Ghosting is a common issue that irritates both the dating pro as well as the romantic novice. But now Bumble has come out with the anti-ghosting remedy!

Dating apps and ghosting

The dating apps have their own in-built issues and limitations. Wokefishing, dogfishing, catfishing, confusing conversations, benching, orbiting, ghosting and others all make dating online challenging and irksome.

Ghosting is a common and familiar problem with dating apps. In it, the person on the opposite side either does not answer or just vanishes into thin air leaving you confused and heartbroken.

Ghosting [Source: New Straits Times]
The creators are trying ways to overcome these issues and especially ghosting. They now seem to have some solution for it. Bumble, the dating app has taken anti-ghosting measures on it. This will make the ghost vanish! They want to put dating on their platform into order and hence they found this anti-ghosting remedy. What is this remedy? Read on to know on it.

Anti-ghosting and Bumble

Lucille McCart from Bumble spoke to Elle and talked about how to keep ghosts at bay. She has some advice for those struggling singles who find that online dating is hard and devastating at times. Anti-ghosting is the creation of Bumble and its aim is to end relationships pleasantly. They want to empower people with that confidence. They want people to not do the vanishing acts. The Bumble wants to encourage daters to let their online match know if they do not want to continue with that particular relationship.

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Lucille says:

“In dating, ghosting is when someone ends all contact without explanation—profile unmatched, messages unanswered, calls avoided,”

Anti-ghosting squad of Bumble [Source: Elle]
She continues:

“At Bumble, we have a firm ‘anti-ghosting’ policy, as we believe it is always better to have open, honest and kind conversations if you’d like to end a relationship (no matter how casual).”

More on their specific measures

Lucille states that wanting to end a relationship is nothing wrong. It is natural at times to have the spark of love fizzle out in the relationship. But the way the ending is done is important. Politeness is vital and the inevitable breakup can be made comfortable for the other person. It need not be a bitter one or a rude one. Further, Lucille explains:

“Ghosting might feel like a gentler way to spare someone’s feelings, but it can actually have the opposite effect as the person is left wondering what happened and has no closure. Think about how you can word the conversation in such a way that it wouldn’t be awkward or uncomfortable if you ran into them at the pub.”

Anti-ghosting [Source: Cambridge Day]
Whatever be the reason for ghosting, Lucille wants the hurt partner to cope with it. After all, it only means that the partner was not the right match for them. She adds:

“…but there are plenty more people on Bumble who would love the chance to get to know you!”

Your reputation is better if you end relationships respectfully. She adds that a friendly message is better than a silent treatment:

“Ideally a breakup should happen face-to-face, but if you’ve been seeing someone casually or have only been on a few dates, a text is okay.”

Keep it short and sweet with no hurting words! And as they say:

“Be like Casper, the friendly ghost”