Are Chris Potoski and pornographic actress Brandi Love still married? Know about his wife, children and net worth

Are Chris Potoski and pornographic actress Brandi Love still married? Know about his wife, children and net worth

Chris Potoski and pornstar Brandi Love are still married. The couple married on 10th February 1994. Similarly, they have a daughter together. Brandi Love is an American porn star.

She is famous as co-owner and chief financial officer of some multimedia companies. She works as a porn actress as a MILF and Hot Wife in different productions.

Chris Potoski and Brandi Love
Source: myspace(Chris Potoski and Brandi Love)

Even being a porn star their marriage has not been affected by her work. They have been maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. It has been a very long time since they married and there is no news of their disputes.

They are enjoying their married life happily. Likewise, they have set an example for every married couple out there. It seems like they will stick to each other forever.

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Why was the Parent In Adult website set up?

As Chris and his wife’s profession is porn stars, his in-laws made an attempt to take their daughter from them so as to preserve her morality. For that reason, they contacted the child protection services to rescue their daughter.

Even after several investigations, the authority did not find compromising the child’s immediate environment that could be a cause of concern for the child. So they were allowed to keep and raise their daughter.

Chris Potoski and his wife Brandi Love
Source: MarriedWiki(Chris Potoski and his wife Brandi Love)

Similarly, due to their inability to secure legal representation in their child custody case with the social service. It was due to the nature of their trade so they were prompted to set up a website. It would help get such services for other adult film professionals.  So the site name is Parent In Adult.

Chris Potoski’s life and career

American businessman Chris Potoski was born in 1972 in the United States of America. He likes to keep his information private so he has not disclosed the name of his parents.

He completed his education at Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Physiology and Kinesiology.

Similarly, Chris began his career as the Director of Business Development in Curative Health Services in January 1995. He has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Likewise, he is the Founder & COO of Tracey Jordan Properties.

Chris Potoski
Source: Healthyton(Chris Potoski)

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Short bio on Chris Potoski

Chris Potoski is an American businessman. He is the Founder & COO of Tracey Jordan Properties.

Furthermore, he also holds the position of Founder and COO of TJC Asset Management. Besides this, he is the husband of the adult star, Brandi Love. See more…

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