Are You Eagerly Waiting For Netflix’s Upcoming Anime, Record of Ragnarok? Know Five Human Representative Against Gods Themselves

Are You Eagerly Waiting For Netflix’s Upcoming Anime, Record of Ragnarok? Know Five Human Representative Against Gods Themselves
Record of Ragnarok (Source: Reddit)

Anime lovers are constantly hunting for new and mind-blowing Anime series and movies. For such viewers, Netflix has been persistently launching some of the epic Anime for such anime fans. Following the anime trend, Netflix is releasing the upcoming anime sensation, Record of Ragnarok. 

Some of the most popular anime list on the platform includes Castlevania, Black Clover, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Hunter X Hunter.

The anime, Record of Ragnarok is based on the manga series, Shuumatsu no Walküre is about the fight between humans and gods. Some of the fierce human fighter who is fighting for humanity against the gods themselves. Scroll down to know more about those fighters fighting for humans in the anime and their looks along with their voice artists.

5. Lu Bu 

The strongest warrior of ancient China, Lu Bu represented humans at the 1st round of the Record of Ragnarok. In the series, he is also called the name, The Flying General. In the 1st round, he fought with the God of thunder, Thor himself.

Lu Bu
Lu Bu (Source: Fandom)

During the fight, he uses his divine weapon, Sky Piercer. His Sky Piercer has the ability to destroy any kind of armor. However, the warrior lost against Thor’s Hammer. The Voice actor, Tomokazu Seki voiced Lu Bu.

4. Adam

The second fighter fighting for humanity is no other than the father of humanity, Adam. The creator of the manga has given him supremely handsome looks with a muscular body. Also, the character is portrayed to have a calm personality.

Adam (Source: Fandom)

Adam happens to be the 2nd-second warrior from the human side in Ragnarok. He fought against the Greek god, Zeus (God Father Of Cosmos). During the battle, he used his divine weapon, Knuckleduster. The 7th Valkyrie sister, Reginleif granted him the weapon. Voice for Adam is contributed by Soma Saito.

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3. Kojiro Sasaki

In the 3rd round, the famous swordsman, Kojiro Sasaki took the fight further for humans. Sasaki came from feudal Japan famous for his sword techniques including Tsubame Gaeshi, Ganryu Style Tiger Claw, and Swallow Tiger Combo, Thousand Blades. 

Kojiro Sasaki
Kojiro Sasaki (Source: Pinterest)

In the anime, he is called with the title, History’s Greatest Loser. Despite that, he happens to be the first fearsome fighter from humans to kill the God of the seas, Poseidon. During the fight, he used the divine weapon, Monohoshizao provided by he used the divine weapon, Monohoshizao. He is voiced by the voice actor Kazuhiro Yamaji.

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2. Jack the Ripper

The British serial killer, Jack the Ripper led the fourth fight for humanity. The character arose from the late 19th century. The infamous, Jack the Ripper fought against the Greek god, Heracles.

Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper (Source: deviantart)

During the round, he became the second human to kill the god. At the time, he used different equipment including wires, two pouches, and grappling hooks. He was specially granted a divine weapon, Gloves by valkyrie, Hlookk.

1. Buddha 

The founder of Buddhism, Buddha himself fought against gods for humanity. He entered the Ragnarok at the sixth round. He was originally listed as the fighter for the gods. However, he fought from the human race sides as he was against the destruction of humans.

Buddha (Source: Pinterest)

The creator of the series represented him as an easygoing personality who is confident enough to face Zeus.  Also, he challenged Father of Lies, Loki, and Seven Lucky Gods. He wields his divine weapon, Six Realms Staff. 


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