Shop the closet of Fashion YouTuber Ashley aka Bestdressed!

Shop the closet of Fashion YouTuber Ashley aka Bestdressed!
Ashley aka Bestdressed (Source: Bestdressed)

Ashley aka Best-dressed has been nailing the outfit game and is simply the best teen fashion icon. With her relatable fashion sense and hacks, she has gained 3.79 million subscribers on YouTube. Multiple teenage girls look at her as their inspiration and fashion tips.

Not just outfit but she stole the show with her jewelry pieces which she designed in partnership with ‘En Route Jewelry’. The price of the jewelry starts from $20 and foes up to $39. At present, she has 16 jewelry pieces in her collection. Here are the pictures of her collection which can be shopped from En Route Jewelry‘s website.

Ashley's jewelry collection
Ashley’s jewelry collection (Source: En Route)

Now moving towards her own website where she sells her closet here are the things you should check.


Ashley has listed her tops starting from $20 to $165. It consists of Sweaters, blouses, tee, cardigan, bodysuit, and tees.

Ashley's top collection
Ashley’s top collection (Source: Bestdressed)


The bottom wear starts from $98 and goes up to $198. The collection consists of high-waisted baggy jeans, corduroy pants, denim shorts, and overalls.

Ashley's Bottoms collection
Ashley’s Bottoms collection (Source: Bestdressed)

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Ashley is definitely known for her beautiful dress collection. She has listed her dresses starting from $35 – $600. The $600 dress is a beautiful long-length garden dress. All other dresses are short length.

Ashley's Dresses collection
Ashley’s Dresses collection (Source: Bestdressed)


In her Outerwear collection, she has a blazer, coat, and cardigan. She has a houndstooth blazer for $237, tan trench coat for $148, wool coat for $398, and pink cardigan for $99.

Ashley's Outerwear collection
Ashley’s Outerwear collection (Source: Bestdressed)


Now moving towards shoes, Ashley has listed Converse, Sneakers, Wedges, Boots, Sandals, Loafers, and more. Her shoe collection starts from $49 to $982.

Ashley's Shoes collection
Ashley’s Shoes collection (Source: Bestdressed)

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Ashley also sells accessories on her website which consists of hats, bags, jewelry, earrings, clips, choker, masks, and hair bows for a reasonable price. The collection starts from $7 for butterfly clips to Marc Jacobs’s snapshot bag for $325.

Ashley's Accessories collection
Ashley’s Accessories collection (Source: Bestdressed)