Ashley Kaufmann Biography

Ashley Kaufmann is a popular celebrity family member.

Relationship Facts of Ashley Kaufmann

  • Ashley Kaufmann is not having an affair with anyone presently.
  • Her sexual orientation is straight.

What is the relationship of Ashley Kaufmann?

Ashley Kaufmann is probably single as of now. However, we can’t say this with certainty as Ashley has kept her love life private and hasn’t been active on social media in the past few years. Due to this, nothing is known about her past boyfriends and relationships as well.

Who is Ashley Kaufmann?

Ashley Kaufmann is a popular American celebrity family member. She became popular after the public came to know that she is a half-sister of popular actress Lindsay Lohan.

Ashley Kaufmann: Age, Parents, Nationality

Ashley Kaufmann, also known as Ashley Horn, was born on the 30th of June, 1995 in Montana, USA. As of now, her age is 26. Her nationality is American but she hasn’t revealed her ethnicity

Ashley was born to her parents Michael Lohan and her mother Kristi Kauffman. Kriti is a beautiful woman who now works as a massage therapist and Michael is a popular TV personality. Michael is also the father of popular actress Lindsay Lohan which makes Ashley her half-sister.

Including Lindsay, Ashley has six other half-siblings from her father. Michael had initially kept his relationship with Kristi private but after a paternity test in 2008, it was confirmed that Ashley was his daughter. Despite this, Ashley was raised solely by her mother and doesn’t have a good relationship with her father.


Ashley hasn’t shared any details regarding her educational journey r qualifications. While she seems to be well educated, we can’t be sure without any information on the subject.

Ashley Kaufmann: Professional Life, Career

Ashley initially wanted to purpose a career in music as a pop star. For this, she tried recording a series of tracks under the name of Sakura when she was just 16 years old. But unfortunately, she was too inexperienced and couldn’t make it further in the industry. She also appeared on NBC’s Trish Goddard’s show where it was confirmed that Michael Lohan was her father. This was her first time meeting her father as well and this news made her popular overnight. Even the large number of fans of Lindsay Lohan was intrigued by the news and wanted to know more about Ashley.

Ashley also made the news at the time after she underwent plastic surgery to look more like her sister. After the surgery, she appeared on several shows to discuss the surgeries. In these interviews, she revealed that the surgery cost 25k USD and said jokingly that she was now hotter than Lindsay. But after her appearances on Trish Goddard’s show, she hasn’t been in the limelight. Many fans expect her to show up in the entertainment industry later on though. But before she builds her own career, she will be recognized by the mainstream as the half-sister of beautiful actress Lindsay Lohan.

Ashley Kaufmann: Net Worth, Salary

Ashley hasn’t shared anything about her net worth or annual salary as of now. And unfortunately, there aren’t any reliable estimates of these figures on the internet.

Rumors and Controversies

There were a number of rumors circulating in 2008 when the news of Ashley being Michael’s daughter was revealed to the public. Fans of Michael and Lindsay initially believed that Ashley said this just for attention but was shocked when they learned that this was true. Michael was involved in even more controversies as this news revealed that he had a relationship with Ashley when he was still married to his ex-wife Dina Lohan.

Ashley Kaufmann: Height, Weight

Kauffman stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and her weight is roughly 55 kilograms. She is pretty and has a slim and balanced physique. Her hair is brown and her eyes are dark brown in color.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Ashley prefers to keep a low profile currently and isn’t very active on social media. As of now, she is only active on her private Instagram account @ashhorn14, which has around 240 followers. She also has a Twitter account but isn’t active there.

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