Ashley Strong declared the winner of Instant Influencer? Know about James Charles show Instant Influencer!

James Charles has converted all the hate he received last year into loves with his brand new show Instant Influencer and hard work. James is the host of the show which aired on YouTube. He made the show free to watch due to ongoing coronavirus. In one of his videos, he claimed that he made the show free so people can pass their time and the money can be used for paying other important bills.

All contestants of Instant Influencer
All contestants of Instant Influencer (Source: Nylon)

Since the show aired James has gained almost a million new subscribers which make the subscribers count 19 million. The show Instant Influencer featured six aspiring makeup artists. Those artists were Benny Cerra, Ashley Strong, Kailin Chase, Gabriel Garcia, Christian Perez (Indigo), and Britany Renteria.

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Ashley Strong winning amount and personal life

The final episode was about creating a trendsetter makeup look. The judges in the episode were James Charles, Norvina, and Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. James loved the concept and photograph of Cailin whereas Norvina liked Ashley.

Judges were not sure about Benny’s look. The winner of the show was declared Ashley. She gained the winning amount of $50,000, the opportunity to collaborate with James on his channel, and a $10,000 lighting and videography package. Strong also got the opportunity to collaborate with James.

Since the show, Ashley has gained numerous subscribers on her YouTube channel. Ashley is a teen mom with a son. She opened up about her son and teen pregnancy during her collaboration video with Nikita. Ashley is known to be less expressive and lack of expression. But her consistency and hard work made her the winner of the show and she became the first Instant Influencer.

Who got eliminated in the first episode?

In the first episode, the winner of the first compact challenge was Ashley Strong who impressed James with her amazing makeup. The contestants were asked to choose one product for their product launch video. The judges were Paris Hilton and Norvina.

James Charles with the judges of first episode of Instant Influencer
James Charles with the judges of the first episode of Instant Influencer (Source: TenEighty)

Cailin Chase won the challenge whereas Britany failed the challenge and she was sent home. Britany made a video on her channel and said that she was not focused due to her Nana’s illness. She was very happy to be in the show which made her gain many subscribers even though she was the first one to get eliminated.

After that, in the second episode, the remaining contestants had to do a drag challenge. The judges were Norvina and Trixie Mattel. Ashley won the challenge and Indigo was sent home.

Likewise, the next challenge was making a collaboration video. The YouTuber makeup artists Bretman Rock, Nikita Dragun, Louie Castro, and Nyma Tang joined them in the challenge. Benny won the previous compact challenge so he got to chose himself and others their YouTuber makeup artist. The judges were Normina and Lipstick Nick.

Benny chose Bretman for him and paired Ashley with Nikita, Kailin with Louie and Gabriel with Nyma. Gabriel was eliminated and remaining went straight to the finale.

Contestants who reached finale
Contestants who reached finale (Source: Talent Recap)

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Short bio on James Charles

James Charles is an American Internet personality, model, and makeup artist who became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. He announced his first Sisters Tour in April 2019. Read more bio…

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