Who is Instagram star Ashlyn Castro? Ashley and Michael B. Jordan criticized for dating each other!

Who is Instagram star Ashlyn Castro? Ashley and Michael B. Jordan criticized for dating each other!
  • Ashlyn Castro is a social media star and model who has more than 76.7k followers on her Instagram.
  • She is also the ex-girlfriend of actor Michael B. Jordan.
  • Ashlyn came to the limelight after she was rumored to be dating the actor.

Ashlyn Castro
Instagram star Ashlyn Castro (Source: Instagram)

Ashlyn Castro and Michael B. Jordan’s relationship

Back in 2017, Michael made headlines when he was living at St. Tropez where he was packing on all the public displays of affection with the stunning IG model, Ashlyn Castro.

It was at Seth MacFarlane’s Christmas party in November. Michael was wearing a black shirt and a fur-lined leather jacket with black pants and matching shoes.

Ashlyn sat on his lap as she was wearing a little black dress. They were rumored to be in a relationship for two months. After that, they made their relationship public. But their relationship did not last long. They broke their relationship soon after.

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Twitter controversy of them dating

People were very attentive about Michael’s life. They were paying close attention to his dating life. Fans kept count of every woman he was dating. People started realizing that he did not date a black woman.

It was just based on speculation which he addressed in an interview with GQ and saif that people would like one another regardless of their history or culture because it was a new world.

After he was rumored to be dating Ashlyn people started coming for Michael and said that his girlfriend was not black. They even threatened to boycott his film Black panther.

 Ashlyn shared videos and photos of them partying together. After all the Twitter controversy some fans went on to support them.

Michael B Jordan and Ashlyn Castro partying together
Michael B Jordan and Ashlyn Castro partying together (Source: Daily Mail)

One of the fans posted on Twitter that Serena Williams also married a white guy and Rihanna dated an Arab man.

Likewise, another user posted that everyone was cheering for Meghan Markle, Serena Williams, and Rihanna dating people who were not from their race. When Michael did the same thing people are being mad at him and coming for his choice.

One of the random girls said that Ashlyn dated Michael so that she would be able to settle her rent and accused her of not paying rent.

Michael’s thoughts

Jordan defended himself and said,

“Y’all are wylin’ right now. Y’all are buggin’ … yes, I’m on vacation right now, okay? I’m traveling around,” 

He added,

“News flash: it’s not a lot of black women in Italy, okay? It’s not, it’s just not. Sorry … I’m reading through the comments and sh*t, y’all tearin’ ya boy up. It’s too much, man. Y’all doin’ too much.”

Michael continued with,

“I like milk. I like chocolate milk — I love chocolate milk. And I like almond milk, strawberry milk. You know the cinnamon toast crunch? The milk after that, I like that, too. That’s pretty good. I like milk period. Y’all just doin’ a lot. Y’all gotta chill.”

What is the age of Ashlyn Castro?

Ashlyn Castro was born on 17th December 1996 in Long Beach, California. She is 23 years old at present. Ashlyn is private about her life. She has not disclosed about her parents and siblings.

Ashlyn Castro
Social Media star Ashlyn Castro (Source: Instagram)

On her Instagram account, she shares modeling pictures. She has not made many posts on her account. It seems like she is not on other social media except Instagram.

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Short bio on Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is an American actor. People know him for his roles as shooting victim Oscar Grant in the drama ‘Fruitvale Station’, Adonis Creed in ‘Creed’, and Erik Killmonger in ‘Black Panther’. Read more bio…