Atz Lee Kilcher popular from ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ initially wanted to pursue career in music, but life’s destiny took him back into the wilderness!

Atz Lee Kilcher popular from ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ initially wanted to pursue career in music, but life’s destiny took him back into the wilderness!

Coming from a long family background

Atz Lee Kilcher, the brother of Shane Kilcher from  ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ (a reality show on Discovery Channel) also an American actor. Let’s explore this media personality more!

Born to parents Atz Kilcher (father) and Lenedra Carroll (mother), he was born on Aug 26 as of now, Atz Lee is 41 years old.

Talking about his siblings, Atz Lee has a brother called Shane Kilcher and a sister named Jewel Kilcher. Furthermore, he also has a half-sibling named Nikos.

Nikos’s biological father is Atz Lee’s father. More on his family background, his maternal grandparents are Arva Carroll and Jay Carroll. His father, Atz Kilcher also had 6 sisters named Fay, Wurtilla, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise.

We also have known his parents’ names i.e. Yule Kilcher (father) and Ruth (mother). His father is the second son of his Yule and Ruth. Her mother who is also a singer got divorced from his father in the year 1982.

Source: Instagram (Atz Lee Kilcher)

Unsuccessful in the musical career and the wilderness life

This American personality initially left his family with an aim to pursue his career in music at around 20 years of age. His interest in music might be developed due to his mother’s influence as a singer.

But facing several failures, Atz Lee failed to pursue a successful career so he returned to his family saying it was better than the world outside. Therefore, he is also called the Black Sheep. Talking about his educational background, we lack information about this matter.

After returning home, Atz Lee built a cabin for himself, he reassembles food for the long winters in advance, this is known as the strength of his family. He says,

“Surviving a single Alaskan winter is a huge challenge, surviving a life time of winters tho becomes the ultimate test.”

Enjoying the wilderness life, Atz Lee is a part of Alaska: The Last Frontier (a reality show on Discovery Channel). This show is all about the hardships and fun of living life in the wilderness. The hard life of the Alaskan and the Kilcher family where they try their best to meet in a self-sufficient way.

Source: Instagram (Atz Lee Kilcher)

They survive there by farming, hunting, fishing, etc where he and his family live without any modern heating techniques. He depends on hunting for meat products. Sharing about this he says:

“The wilderness is where I belong.” 

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Unexposed Personal life

Atz Lee Kilcher’s personal life is as beautiful as his wilderness life, he is married to Christina Jane Kilcher whom he initially met in the early 2000s. By the year 2005, this couple got married to each other.

Christina Jane is also from Homer, Alaska, not far from the Kilcher Homestead. She is a local fisherwoman. Not much information about their children is revealed on the web, they are worried that their children can be affected by negative comments on social media.

However, they have two children together Etienne (the first boy) and their baby girl Piper. He says,

“I’ve been overwhelmed lately of people realizing we have children … that are not on the show… We are so proud of our kids, Piper 14 and Etienne 16, they are not a secret…we just keep their lives private and away from the AWFUL internet trollers ,ETC…but as they get older you may see them (on their own volition ) on an episode or two…. after I have made sure they can deal with all the craziness!!!!”

There were rumors about Christina Jane and Atz Lee of getting separated which later became false. Currently, they are living their life happily with their large family.

Source: Instagram (Atz Lee Kilcher)

A short bio on Atz Lee Kilcher:

Atz Lee Kilcher is an American actor. He is also a reality show star who is famous for the reality TV show Alaska: The Last Frontier which he features on. The show tells how he and his family manages to survive without the basic amenities of life. more bio…