Auction! The childhood home of Donald Trump in Queens, New York is listed for sale!

This is the inside of the childhood home of President Donald Trump in Queens. It is a Tudor-style home which was up on the market for auction last month. There is yet no news that it has been sold.

President Donald Trump and his childhood home

Last month, reports had emerged that the childhood home of Donald Trump located in Queens in New York is on the market for auction. After that, there has been no news that it has been sold. The bidding for this house commenced on 17 September 2019 and will close on 14 November 2019. Earlier this year, the price asked was $ 2.9 million and Jamaica Estates Home had listed this property of the President. The single-family home in the neighborhood averages $ 1.1856 million. Once the property was listed, it is now for auction under Paramount Realty USA.

Why is the asking price higher than the average cost in the area?

Donald Trump home was last sold in 2017 [Source: Town and Country magazine]
The property is listed at a higher price than the median cost of a single-family house in the area. It has to do with the fact that the property belongs to the current President of the USA. Misha Haghani, principal of Paramount Realty USA said:

“The value is not in the bricks and mortar, it is in the association with the president of the United States,”

Misha continued:

“If it were just a house, it would be listed with a broker and worth about $1 million.”

Misha expects that the house could sell for anywhere from $ 2 to $ 6 million.

The previous owners of this property

The names of the current and previous owners of this property are not revealed. But it sold 2 weeks prior to Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2016 for $ 1.39 million. This investor sold it soon enough and in 2017 for a profit. The price at that time was $ 2.14 million. A wealthy person purchased it at the auction for investment purposes. He rented the property in 2017 for $ 4000 per month. It was also in the market for short-term rental on the website of Airbnb for $ 725 per night. It is not clear in whose name the property is now.

More about Donald Trump’s Queens’ property

The estate is a modest 2500 square foot house. Donald’s father Fred Trump had constructed this property in the year 1940. It has 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. The family resided on this estate till the time that Donald Trump was 4 years old. He is now 73 years of age.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms [Source: New York Post]
The house also has a fireplace, a sunroom, and also a finished basement. There is a patio outside and parking space for 7 cars. There is also a garage which can accommodate 2 cars.

Misha stated that he feels that the buyer would be a Trump-lover and an enthusiast. The buyer may purchase it only as a collection due to his love for Donald. Or the buyer may purchase it and convert it into a museum for the President. However, there are chances that a person who hates Donald may buy it to bring the whole place down and reconstruct a new one in its place or may donate it for a cause which does not exist on Donald’s agenda.

Paramount Realty USA has also begun a competition on the website for guessing how much the house would sell for. The right guess would get a price of $ 10k.

Short Bio on Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th and current president of the United States, before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. More Bio…

Source: Mansion Global