Babri Mosque demolition: All 32 accused BJP leaders let off! Then, who destroyed the mosque in broad daylight in front of thousands of spectators?

It is rather an amusing and ridiculous court verdict! Yet, it was pronounced in the Indian Court. After 30 years, 850 witnesses, over 7000 documents, photographs, and videotapes, the Indian court has declared it did not find ‘anyone’ guilty of razing to the ground the Babri Mosque in 1992! All the 32 living accused including former deputy premier LK Advani have been allowed to go scot-free.

Babri Mosque and the Indian court verdict

On 30 September 2020, an Indian CBI Court in Lucknow has made a judgment that all the 32 BJP people including former deputy premier LK Advani who were named accused in Babri Mosque demolition in 1992 are not guilty. The 16th Century mosque was attacked and razed to the ground in December 1992 by Hindu mobs in the city of Ayodhya in a matter of hours. And no one was guilty of it, as per the Indian Court. So what exactly does the court imply by this judgment?

Babri Masjid (Source: Pinterest)

The court states that the work of destruction of the mosque was the work of ‘some’ anti-social elements that it cannot identify. Further, it added that the destruction of the mosque was not a planned conspiracy. It was a mob attack and hence none of the leaders named are responsible for it. But what about the hate speeches of these leaders? There is no talk or mention of it in the court verdict.

The 1992 Babri masjid demolition

The destruction of the mosque was done in a few hours’ time. This implied that the people who did it had planned the demolition well in advance and carried the necessary heavy machinery for it. Yet no one was caught and no one did it!!! There are numerous credible eyewitness accounts of the whole demolition. Many media people including those working with BBC have narrated the whole account several times and also in the court.

Babri Mosque demolition in progress in 1992 (Source: Al Jazeera)

The accounts of all these eyewitnesses reveal that it was a well-rehearsed demolition. Besides, it was also carried out with impunity and the local police were hands-in-gloves with the culprits. Any cases against these policemen and the local police office? No, just a ‘blind eye’ towards it all. There were thousands of spectators of this demolition and yet no one is guilty of it!

Last year, the Supreme Court had said that it was a calculated act and a violation of the rule of law.

Explanation of this ‘biased’ judgment

The world sees it as another example of the chaotic, slow, and biased judiciary system of the country. The judicial system of India is damaged beyond repair now. Political interference in it is at its peak, the judges are at the mercy of the politicians, the staffing is weak, and there is underfunding. The system has completely lost its independence, respect, integrity, and values.

Babri Mosque (Source: Pinterest)

Additionally, the court verdict is another glaring indication of the marginalization of the 200 million Muslims of that country who are now living in fear there. They feel humiliated by the acts of the Hindu nationalist BJP government. This has never happened in the past since India has always been proud of its pluralist, secular society. It was hailed as the world’s largest democracy since 1947 but all these positive points have been thrown out of the window.

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All the steps and policies made after 2014 have been anti-Muslim and Muslims have been lynched with no justice. Even Muslim students and activists have been harmed and harassed and put in prison. The student wing of the BJP called AVBP has penetrated colleges and schools and is busy corrupting the minds of the young. Hence, people take the new court ruling as an extension of this ongoing humiliation. The sense of alienation is real and not fabricated. The Muslims of India are poor and have lost faith in the system and government. Furthermore, they face problems in all walks of their life and have no special benefits.

Source: BBC UK, Modern Diplomacy Eu, Al Jazeera