Update On A Life Of A ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Jef Holm! Is He Dating Or Single After The Show?

The reality star Jef Holm appeared in the eighth season of the reality show ‘The Bachelorette’ back in 2012. He won the show winning the heart of Emily Maynard who starred in the eighth season. Another contestant Arie Luyendyk was the runner up of the season who later starred as The Bachelor.

‘Bachelorette’ winner Jef Holm and Emily Maynard

The ‘Bachelorette’ winner Jeff completed his education from Utah University. As per his social media accounts, he is still the CEO of People Water.

The reality star got engaged to Emily after winning the show. After the engagement, Emily caught him sending explicit messages to Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Leinart. This led to the huge fight between the duo during a family vacation in South Carolina.

Jef Holm and Emily Maynard split after few months of engagement (Source: Hollywood Life)

However, they could not keep up with their love life for a long time and decided to part their ways after a few months of their relationship back in 2012. After getting engaged in a reality show, the duo parted their ways after few months of dating.

Another relationship and break-up in the life of Holm

After the split with Emily, Holm moved on with his life. He got romantically linked with New Orleans-based Katianna Bear. The new duo started dating six weeks after the split of the reality star and Emily. The sources revealed the news after a month they started dating.

Former couple Jeff and Katianna (Source: Zimbio)

However, Bear denied that the duo was dating, while on the other hand, many sources claimed they were staying together. Despite the claims of the sources, one of the witnesses revealed that they were just acting up as a couple and not actually together.

Holm and Bear parted their ways in early January. The reality star also confirmed the news stating their split in one of the interviews.

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New Beau in the life of the ‘Bachelorette’ winner?

Hayley Enzor (Source: Twitter)

In the year 2018, the new of new love in his life was all over the internet. He started dating a public relations executive named Hayley Enzor. The duo connected to each other through their social media account, Instagram. At the time, one of the sources revealed:

“He DMed her on Instagram and that’s how they first met and he celebrated her birthday with her and her friends last weekend,”

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Jef Holm dissed Arie Luyendyk in Twitter

The reality star Arie Luyendyk starred as a ‘Bachelor’ season in January 2018. Before the start of the show, one of the former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant and winner Jeff Holm tweeted his doubt about Arie’s relationship lasting for more than a year. At the time, he tweeted dissing Luyendyk:

Jeff dissed Arie Luyendyk (Source: Elite Daily)

“Doesn’t matter who gets out of the limo…I’ll give 5k to the charity of @chrisbharrison’s choice if @ariejr lasts 1 year with anyone,” 

Things did not just end over there as one year later the reality star Arie clapped back at Holm. Aire is expecting his first child with Lauren Burnham. After a year he replied to the tweet of Holm with an answer which reads:

“Pay up @jefholm… Put that trust fund money into something positive instead of bottle service. A—hole.”

Holm has not yet replied to the tweet after the clap back of Arie.

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