‘How To Be Bawse’ Author Has Announced Something Huge About Her Big Career Move!! What Is She About To Do? Is She Dating Someone? What Are Her Major Plans For Future, Find Out Here

YouTube is very popular nowadays among all the youngsters. Many people show their talents and make many videos with us. There are numerous number of Youtubers, but only some are recognizable and famous worldwide. The YouTubers Lily Singh has her own recognition in the YouTube. The ‘How To Be Bawse’ author Lily Singh is taking the next step for her career. A woman of many talents Lily is recognized as a YouTube star. She is also the influence for many youths out there.

She is The YouTuber/Author/Businesswoman/Musician/Overall BAWSE and now another title will be entering her life very soon. Find out what is she doing recently?Scroll to know more about her:

Source: Heavy.com (Lily Singh )
Source: Heavy.com (Lily Singh )

What did Superwoman aka Lily Singh announce about her next career move? 

Lily Singh has announced that she has docked a role in the film adaptation of the 1950s novel Fahrenheit 451. The novel from which the forthcoming movie is accommodated is set in a dystopian future where books are banned. Also, the special “firemen” are operated to burn them. However, the course of one fireman’s life is changed forever when he abruptly goes against the government’s desire. Lilly will play Raven, a tabloid blogger who works for the pro-censorship fire department, in the film.

Source: Den Of Week (Lilly SIngh is playing role in  Fahrenheit 451)
Source: Den Of Week (Lilly Singh is playing role in Fahrenheit 451)

Well, we know that this is not the first time that she has involved in acting. Previously, she has appeared in a couple of small roles in films like Ice Age: Collision Course and Bad Moms since 2016. She has also starlet as a guest on American comedy series Life in Pieces. However, Fahrenheit 451 is Lily’s first sizable film role. And is the major step in her career. Lilly Singh is one of a burgeoning list of YouTubers who have shifted to Hollywood productions.

During the Award show this weekend Lily revealed how she landed the role. Followingly, she explained: 

“My agent said, ‘They want you to audition for this thing, can you tape (it?),”‘

Talking to the journalist on the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, she additionally said:

“I remember being on tour, being so exhausted and thinking, ‘I’m not going to tape this, I’m not gonna get it, there’s no point.’ But then I just strapped in hustled and I did it and it paid off.”

Lily Singh (Superwoman) became successful in grabbing 1st position Top Entertainment Influencer list

The young comic and YouTube star Lily Singh came to the list of Top Entertainment Influencer by Forbes. The Forbes Influence lists the people who have formed careers in the social platforms like Instagram and YouTube. In addition, they also include up-and-coming platforms like Musical.ly.

One of the Staff writers of Forbes, Clare O’Clonner explained about the list saying:

“These social media power players have managed to monetize not just existing platforms like Instagram and YouTube, but in many cases emerging apps and sites like Musical.ly and Twitch. They’re landing production deals based on their prowess on Vine, the now-defunct video app that forced users to be super creative, with only seconds to make an impact. In some cases, these folks can command seven figures per sponsored campaign.”

Source: CBC (Lilly Singh arrives at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards)
Source: CBC (Lilly Singh arrives at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards)

The 28-year-old young Lily has more than 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also became the top of the New York Best-Seller list this year with her book “How To Be Bawse”. And by the top, now she will also appear in the movie in her major role till date.

We’d like to congratulate Lily Singh (Superwoman) in her big move of her career.

More About Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a Canadian actress, YouTube personality, vlogger and comedian mostly known through her YouTube name IISuperwomanII. She has been involved in numerous movies and television series in her career apart from her YouTube work. See more bio…