Beanie Feldstein is happy that her new film How to Build A Girl depicted female sexual exploration the right way!

Female sexual exploration and awakening which is common in males is still a taboo in film depictions, feels American actress Beanie Feldstein. Beanie is playing the character of a teenage girl in her new film called How to Build a Girl. She relates to the role and wanted the director to depict the sexuality and its exploration well, with compassion, and also in a humorous way.

Beanie Feldstein talks of her unique role in How to Build a Girl

Beanie Feldstein has played the character of Johanna Morrigan aka Dolly in the film How to Build a Girl which released in the UK on 24 July 2020. The film is based on the 2014 novel of Caitlin Moran of same name. Beanie is not happy that female sexual awakening is not at par with that of males. She feels that it is still considered a taboo in world films. But Beanie wanted the film to honestly and boldly display the sexuality and exploration of her character.

She also wanted the handling of the subject to be with compassion and humor. And Beanie is happy with the results. The actress told PA News Agency:

“It’s such a huge, important part of Caitlin’s novel that it had to be in the film, like there just was no way we could make an adaptation of that novel and not include her sexual journey, because it’s such a big part of her journey as a whole.”

Beanie explains further…

The actress Beanie further elaborated:

“I think so often in the media that I was exposed to growing up, like books, television, film, anything, boys are always kind of allowed to explore. It’s just so much more free in the discourse around boys, as far as masturbating or anything like that. It’s just like ‘Haha, Johnny’s in the bathroom for too long’ and with girls, you would never, ever speak of it.”

Beanie [Source: Twitter]

“On network television in the States, it’s spoken about so freely when it comes to teenage boys. But it’s never spoken about with girls. It’s still so taboo. Just girls being sexual, having any sort of wants or needs or anything, is still under the rug, or quiet, or embarrassing, or shameful.

“And Caitlin, the gift that she brings to the world, is just taking all of that away, and addressing something with humour and love and safety and I think so many woman, and people of all genders, just feel connected to how open she is, because it’s comforting, I think, when people just speak about something directly.”

She added:

“It takes the shame away, it takes the embarrassment away. And we had to include that for Johanna, there was just no way we couldn’t.”

Beanie feels connected to the role

The story is set in the 1990s and the character is from Wolverhampton council estate. Despite this, LA-bred Beanie, 27 feels connected to the role. Beanie said:

“I think that the most kind of pure connective tissue between us is our love of the world. I’m a very sort of optimistic, gregarious person who is bubbly and outgoing. And loves people and loves this thing that we’re doing in life, and I think Johanna is the same way.

“She really loves the world and she’s very hopeful. And I think even though we have very different life paths and circumstances and journeys and accents, obviously, the heart of where she begins is very much who I am. And so I knew our starting place was the same.”


Beanie [Source: CNN]
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