Beauty-influencer competition! James Charles uses his platform to pass on his knowledge to other deserving artists!

Beauty-influencer competition! James Charles uses his platform to pass on his knowledge to other deserving artists!

Groundbreaking news

Last week, James Charles brought groundbreaking news for his fans. Of course, fans went crazy about the news he was coming up with. Charles made the announcements look so grand. He revealed something that nobody thought was coming.

James Charles’ tweets(Source: Twitter)

On Friday afternoon, he twitted:


His fans tried to figure out what the announcement could be. Charles came out with new palettes, a Christmas album, and a Sisters Tour. And for now, Charles is up for beauty-influencer competition.

He aims to pass on his knowledge to other deserving artists through his growing platform. We wish him all the best!

“This show has been one of my biggest dreams since DAY 1. I’ve learned SO much over the past few years and have been so blessed to grow the platform I have, and now I CANNOT WAIT to pass along that knowledge and help a few deserving artists grow their platform, too. “<

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Source: Twitter (James Charles tweets)

An opportunity to win a $50k prize

According to him, this competition will be YouTube’s first beauty-influencer competition. For this grand announcement, he uploaded a YouTube video. In the video, he asked:

“VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOW LIVE!! This project has been a dream of mine for years & I can’t believe it’s happening. Do YOU Have What It Takes To Be An Influencer?”

Charles would let his viewers know about the procedures for submissions. He asked his fans to gear up for their chance to shine. In his YouTube video, he also revealed the new competition with a $50K prize.

To enter the competition, Charles came up with some criteria. Charles wrote:

“So the requirement is technically to have an active YouTube channel. We really want to cast influencers who have proved they already want it, are dedicated, and are able to stay on a schedule of good content. The # is flexible.” 

Source: Twitter (James Charles)

Fans from all over the world have been showing him, love, after the announcement. Charles tweets thanking everybody for believing in him.

“dudes im fucking crying rn at the reaction to this thank you so fucking much for believing in me and getting excited, I promise you guys are going to absolutely love this show”

A short bio on James Charles:

James Charles Dickinson is an American Internet personality and make-up artist. He became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. In 2019, he set a record for most subscribers lost in a single day and became the first YouTuber to lose over one million subscribers in under 24 hours. More bio…

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