Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez pregnant with boyfriend Grayston Leonard. Do they have plans of marriage?

Bekah Martinez has happy news to share. Bekah announced that she is going to have a baby boy with boyfriend Grayston Leonard. She took to Instagram to announce the gender of her upcoming baby.

Bekah Martinez pregnant with baby boy
Bekah Martinez pregnant with a baby boy (Source: Instagram)

She was holding an ‘OH BOY!’ written wooden plank. She looked very happy with her upcoming baby. Previously, Bekah revealed that she wanted to take the relationship slowly. Back in 2018, there were rumors that they are married. But the rumors were false and they have not planned about marriage yet.

The couple might think of getting married in the future. The couple is going to be the parents of two children soon.

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Who is her boyfriend Grayston Leonard?

Grayston Leonard is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Long Beach Rising Climbing Gym in California. His gym is described as a premier Bouldering Facility offering Yoga, Fitness, Sauna, and Coffee. They two met each other at a climbing gym.

Likewise, Bekah revealed,

“At first, it was really casual and we were just doing a lot of fun stuff together, and then it just progressed into something deeper,”

They decided to take their relationship slow. She was not sure whether she wanted to go to Bachelor In Paradise. She added,

“But as it got closer to [filming] I just started realizing that it wasn’t worth it for me to put myself in that environment where I could possibly jeopardize what I had with Grayston.”

Bekah Martinez and her boyfriend Grayston Leonard
Bekah Martinez and her boyfriend Grayston Leonard (Source: Life and Style)

Similarly, she realized that Grayston was the right person for her. They started dating from May 2018 and are together.

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Bekah Martinez children

Bekah Martinez and boyfriend Grayston Leonard welcomed their first child on 2nd February 2019. They name their daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz Leonard. Ruth was weighing 7 pounds and 10 ounces at the time of her birth. It was a natural birth. She got pregnant after three months of the relationship.

She revealed,

“This man is wonderful. And handsome. And a great dad. I love him so much, but there’s so much you don’t see that goes on behind the instagram scenes,”

Likewise, she added,

“I think it’s easy to look at our photos together and think we transitioned seamlessly into a life with each other, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Bekah Martinez and her daughter
Bekah Martinez and her daughter (Source: Instagram)

The family of three lives happily together. Now, Bekah’s family is turning into a family of four.

Short bio on Bekah Martinez

Bekah Martinez is a reality star and model from the United States. She came into limelight after appearing in the reality show ‘The Bachelor’ season 22. Her popularity increased due to her charming personality and unique style especially her pixie haircut that was even written by People magazine. She is the co-founder of a podcast named chattybroads. Read more bio…

Source: Edition, Daily Mail, Your Tango