Benjamin Keough -the look-alike grandson of Elvis Presley and his family, relationship, and career details!

Benjamin Keough -the look-alike grandson of Elvis Presley and his family, relationship, and career details!
  • Benjamin Keough is famous as the grandson of the singing star Elvis Presley.
  • His mother Lisa Marie Presley is Elvis Presley’s only daughter.

Let us take a sneak peek into his life and career!

Benjamin Keough’s family and childhood

Benjamin Keough was born on 21 October 1992 in Tampa, Florida. He is now 26 years of age. Benjamin’s middle name is Storm. His fame comes from the fact that he is the grandson of Elvis Presley.

His mother singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley was the only child of Elvis Presley and actress Priscilla Presley.  Benjamin is an American national and his ethnicity is Creek and Cherokee.

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Benjamin’s father was Danny Keough who is a bass guitar player who used to play in Lisa Marie Presley’s band. But Danny and Lisa divorced when Benjamin was just 2 years of age. Benjamin has an elder sister named Riley Keough who is herself an actress and a model.

Benjamin’s mother Lisa Marie had married three times more after she divorced Danny, Benjamin’s father. She had married King of Pop, Michael Jackson, actor Nicolas Cage, and later guitarist Michael Lockwood.

But all of these marriages ended just like the first one; in divorce. But through Lisa’s marriage to Lockwood, Benjamin has twin half-sisters namely Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love.

Benjamin Keough-is he also in the showbiz?

Benjamin is famous for being a look-alike of his grandfather Elvis Presley. He does not make many public appearances. He occasionally attends with his grandmother, mother, or sister Hollywood events.

Benjamin’s mother Lisa has also noticed the striking resemblance that her son has to her father. She once told CMTV Channel that she is overwhelmed when she sees her father’s image on her son’s face.

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Besides this, Benjamin is a socialite. He appeared as himself in the documentary on his grandfather’s life named Elvis by the Presleys, which was released in 2005.

Additionally, Benjamin has a brief acting role in the short film called Rod and Barry where he portrayed a delivery guy.

Benjamin had also accompanied his mother at the red carpet event during the opening of The Elvis Presley Theater which was at Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino in the month of January 2016.

But it is yet not clear whether Benjamin would pursue acting like his grandmother and sister or enter into the music industry like his grandfather and mother.

He has stayed most of the time away from the limelight but has not been able to get away from it completely due to his association with the big family of music. He has a net worth of $ 1.9 million.

His father has friendly ties with the Presley family and stays in the guest house on Presley’s property.

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Benjamin Keough-is he in love?

Benjamin has never opened up in public about his romantic side. He has not revealed whether he has any girlfriend or is dating anyone. He is single with no children.

Short Bio on Benjamin Keough

Benjamin Keough is an American actor. People mostly know him as the son of Lisa Marie Presley who is the daughter of singer and actor Elvis Presley. Benjamin appeared in the TV movie documentary titled ‘Elvis by the Presleys’ in 2005. More Bio…

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