Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s kids make surprise appearances in ‘Making the Gift’ documentary! Beyonce calls her album “A Love Letter to Africa!”

Beyonce might be Queen Bey we all know about and follow but for Queen Bey herself, there is another adorable and little Queens she needs to follow. Yes! we are talking about Beyonce’s children here.

Even for the megastar, their children run their world. Having a mother for Beyonce and father for Jay Z there is no way for one to remain hidden from the limelight totally. The same goes for the young and adorable children of the couple, they just cannot escape the hawk-like public.

However, Beyonce and Jay Z have taken extra care to not put their three children, Blue Ivy, Rumi Carter, and Sir Carter, in front of cameras too often.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy
Beyonce and Blue Ivy (Source: Standard)

Nevertheless, lucky enough for us, we got to see some rare cameo of Beyonce’s eldest daughter Blue Ivy in her documentary “Making the Gift”.

The documentary dabbles between Queen Bey’s behind the scene footages of making her album “The Lion King: the gift” and her visiting to Africa with husband Jay Z and children.

We get to see the family in Africa enjoying themselves. The kids relax while Beyonce and Jay Z read to them. We see Blue Ivy and Beyonce having some goofy moments while they drink coconut juice straight outta the coconut.

Beyonce and family enjoying time in Africa
Beyonce and family enjoying time in Africa (Source: extra)

The mother-daughter moment is very endearing and makes us realize that even the biggest of the biggest stars as well, at the end of the day, find peace and serenity within something as normal as a family.

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Blue Ivy does more than just appear in the documentary!

Blue Ivy might be one of the most famous kids in this world. While Jay Z and Beyonce try not to bring their children in the public eye much, Blue Ivy is still pretty known to the public.

Blue Ivy spending quality time with mom Beyonce
Blue Ivy spending quality time with mom Beyonce (Source: nme)

The 7-year-old recently made a surprise cameo on Beyonce’s “Making the Gift” documentary. Blue had participated in one of Beyonce’s song, “Brown Skinned Girls” in her recent album “Lion King: The Gift”.

Blue is seen belting out high notes and showing off her musical talent. She seems very prepared and confident prior to her recording session and we witness a proud Beyonce.

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Beyonce calls her album an “A Love Letter to Africa”!

With the release of her most recent album, “The Lion King: The Gift “(a compilation of soundtracks from the animated movie 2019, Lion King), Beyonce seems to have reconnected with her ancestral background in a more deeper sense.

The album is heavily influenced by African sounds. It also turns out she worked with many different artists who steep in African tradition.

Beyonce calls her The Gift Album a Love Letter to Africa
Beyonce calls her The Gift Album a Love Letter to Africa (Source: CNN)

For Beyonce, this album was like a love letter to Africa. A place she originally is attached to and where she feels perfectly placed.

From the documentary of the making of the album, we can see how much this album really means to Beyonce. She travels through the continent with her family as a way to reconnect herself to the continent both ethnically and personally.

The singer says,

“Visiting countries in Africa, it’s always an emotional experience for me. It feels like I’m making peace with a part of me that’s yearning for my ancestral connection,”

She added,

“When I was asked to be a part of ‘Lion King’ I was overwhelmed and beyond excited. It was full circle for me considering as a kid it was my favorite movie. Now I could share this film with my entire family.”

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