Bisexual Bella Thorne opens up about her abrupt breakup with boyfriend rapper Mod Sun in April 2019!

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Bisexual Bella Thorne ended her relationship this year with her girlfriend Tana Mongeau as well as with her boyfriend Mod Sun. Both were within a span of a few days. People were wondering what had caused these splits. Bella opened up about her breakup with rapper Mod Sun on the YouTube channel Under the influence with Tom Ward.

Bella Thorne – “Silly Coachella row ended Mod Sun relationship”

This Monday on 26 August 2019, the model Bella Thorne appeared on the channel on YouTube called Under the Influence with Tom Ward. She disclosed why and how she split from her boyfriend rapper Mod Sun, 32. Bella, 21 said that the eyes had a silly fight during this year’s Coachella and this led to their split. She said that it was a very silly row which ended their relationship this April. Bella revealed:

Unfortunately, we broke up over something really, really silly, but I always believe that things really happen for a reason,”

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She also confirmed that they split during the trip itself. The couple was spotted arguing in the VIP section when The 1975 was being played on stage. When queried by Tom on it, she said:

“Yes … this is true.”

She further added:

“Love is a funny, fickle thing where it really is the roller coaster, in the cheesiest way. You fall in love, you fall out of love, you fall back in love, you start bickering so much you think, ‘Oh my God, we have to break up.”

She continued:

“Then, the person does something that just brings you right back to that in-love feeling, right back to that first moment in time where you decided, ‘I wanna be with this person.’ Then it goes up and down, it goes in a circle again.”

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun – the relationship

Bella and Mod Sun were dating for the past two years. Mod Sun is a rapper and his real name is Derek Smith. Their relationship ended in an abrupt manner in April 2019 at the Coachella after a heated argument and disagreement over some point. But Bella said that she is not bitter or regretful after their separation. She justified:

“We gave each other a lot of really great things and a lot of really great experiences and taught each other a lot, and that’s really what you’re doing when you’re dating,”

“That’s what you’re taking away, you know? Experiences. And if you’re not learning with your partner, then why are you dating them?”

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Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau – the relationship

Bella and Tana Mongeau were also dating at the same time. In fact, the couple also were engaged. But Bella broke up with her as well. Tana went on to soon date YouTuber Jake Paul. After just two months of courtship, the couple got engaged and also wed. Bella had said at that time that she felt sad with Tana Mongeau’s marriage but wishes her well.

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Bella is now dating singer Benjamin Mascolo.

Short Bio on Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is a young American actress best known for her role as Ruthy Spivey in the television film My Own Worst Enemy (2008). She is also widely recognized for her lead role as CeCe Jones on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up (2010-2013). More Bio…