The bodybuilder and fitness model, Sergi Constance workout secrets!

The bodybuilder and fitness model, Sergi Constance workout secrets!
  • For winning many fans becoming a champion of the Olympia contest is not the only way.
  • The fitness bodybuilder Sergi Constance is still on his way to the Olympia top, however, he’s already known to many people.

Sergi Constance showing body
Source: Muscle & Fitness(Sergi Constance showing body)

He is on very active and great social accounts due to his unbelievably shredded body with massive muscles and classy proportions. He said that genetics plays a role in building a great body.

Sergi also says that there is a set of special exercises, without which his body would never look the same shredded and lean. He believes that the right training strategy and balanced nutrition are those aspects that can be much more important than genetics.

He shares a lot from his training routine with his fans and those who are interested in the sport. Similarly, he makes a lot of videos showing nearly all of his great workouts.

Sergi is also always happy to teach his auditory about some useful and effective tips for building an amazing body and a great physique.

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Who is Sergi Constance dating?

There was a rumor about Sergi Constance dating a girl who appeared in her fitness videos. But the rumor has not been confirmed yet. He is currently single. Even though he is rumored by many, he has not been linked with any other girls. He might be focused on his career.

Sergi Constance’s life and Career

The fitness and bodybuilder Sergi Constance was born on 25th October 1988 in Valencia, Spain. Similarly, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and Physical Activity from the University of Valencia.

Sergi Constance doing workout
Source: Fitness Volt(Sergi Constance doing workout)

Similarly, he began his career as a model. After doing modeling, he turned his attention to competing in Bodybuilding Shows. After that, he competed and won the Spanish Wabba Cup in the year 2011. Also, he won the Mr. Universe-Wabba 2011 Frankfurt in the same year.

Likewise, he made his appearance on the cover of the magazine Muscle & Fitness for the first time. Also, he won three titles in Men’s Physique in the 2013 Callosa de Segura championship, the Bigastro trophy championship, and the Norway trophies championship in Spain.

Similarly, he won the USA 2nd NPC Southern States Championship and NPC Tampa Wings of Strength Championship titles. He appeared on the cover of Iron Man magazine. Likewise, he has his own website in which he operated his own blog and updates various fitness tips and workout and diet plans.

Furthermore, he is a Global Ambassador at 1 UP Nutrition and World Ambassador at Myprotein. Sergi is a WBFF Pro Muscle Model and CEO of the Aesthetic Era sportswear.

Sergi Constance
Source: Madness Media(Sergi Constance)

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Short Bio on Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance is a well-recognized name in the field of fitness and bodybuilding. He attended the faculty of physical and sporting activities for five years and earned a degree. See more…

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