Booboo Stewart is secretly dating his girlfriend. Once had an affair with Meghan Trainor too. Know about his dating affairs!!!

Booboo Stewart is secretly dating his girlfriend. Once had an affair with Meghan Trainor too. Know about his dating affairs!!!
  • After you fall in love, you tend to forget other people in the world also exist
  • You blindly trust your partner, because you just see your partner is right, you just feel that what you are doing, you do for your partner

When you fall in love, you can not stop yourself from sharing the posts on your social media handle.

But some people hate flashing a single word about their relationship, yes, these types of people exist. One of such celebrities is Booboo Stewart.

Today, Let’s discuss Booboo Stewart’s love life to know in deep!!!

Booboo’s dating life

Booboo Stewart(American actor) who is now 25 years old is dating Meghan Trainor for some time now.

Booboo and Megan have been dating for a while and their bond seems to be strong.

If you follow them on their social media and see their posts, you will come to know about their strong relationship.

Megan shared her and Booboo’s photo on March 20 on her Instagram where she captioned it:

“So, exciting news! We created an adventure account to share our photos and adventures with you. ‼️@peaks.and.pines ‼️ See you there, Hope you enjoy it. Xo#peaksandpines #travel #camping #snowboarding #hiking #optoutside #35mm#takemoreadventures”

The lovers also attended the premiere of Beauty and the Beast. She shared the photo captioning:

“@peaks.and.pines at the @beautyandthebeast premiere. ????”

Looking at their intimacy and strong bonding, it seems that this couple is having a lovely time with each other, and it is adorable to see these types of couples together forever and their breaking news not only breaks them but also breaks the whole world.

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Booboo’s previous affairs

Talking about the Twilight star’s previous relationship, he has had a total of two relationships before. He had dated Samantha Boscarino in 2012 and on (2010 – 2012), he also dated Jodelle Ferland and with both of them, he had strong and close bonding but with her also he failed to stay together forever.

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Short Bio on Booboo Stewart

Seth Clearwater a well-known character in a famous sequel movie The Twilight Saga, The Werewolf is no one other than Booboo Stewart. He worked in all the sequels of the movie. He entered the industry as a model taking part in many campaigns. He also runs a local band named Echoes of Angels. He was in the Martial Arts Junior Hall of Fame in 2004. More Bio…