Why Boosie Badazz Got Hit With Life Time Ban On Instagram? His Recent Controversy!

Why Boosie Badazz Got Hit With Life Time Ban On Instagram? His Recent Controversy!
Boosie Badazz Instagram got banned (Source: Hip Hop)
  • Boosie Badazz won’t be able to use Instagram anymore as the app has banned him for a lifetime. 
  • After the ban, he went to make a tweet to Mark Zuckerberg calling him “Racist”. 
  • The Instagram head Adam Mosseri went to Instagram live to talk about the reason for his ban. 

It is nothing new for Bossie Badazz to surround himself with controversies. After his comment on plastic surgeries, he is in a new controversy now. This time Instagram has banned the rapper from using the app for a lifetime. After the rapper criticized the photo-sharing app, the Instagram head himself released a statement reasoning why they had to ban the rapper.

Why is Boosie Badazz banned from Instagram?

The rapper shared a post on his Instagram asking for someone to appear in his new video for “Period” last week. However, the participant must willingly let the rapper hit them on the face in front of the camera. On the clip, he was willing to pay (albeit a random dollar amount) to the participant. He also said:

“I got $554 dollars [for] whoever let me slap the fuck out them on the ‘Period” video. I wanna come on that bitch, n-gga playing with me, I’m just going to bat him. BOP! But it got to be real though.”

Boosie Badazz called Mark Zuckerberg racist

The video went viral on social media over the weekend. This apparently led to Instagram’s decision to ban the rapper’s account again. On the viral scene of the video, an intoxicated man walks up to him and DaBaby in a gas station. Furthermore in the clip, the man said to the rapper:

 “You one of these punk ass rappers and you can’t rap. How you gonna tell me you a goddamn rapper?”

The rapper then went to smack the man fairly hard and the man went down to his knees. However, this is not the first time that Instagram has banned his account from the platform. Previously, they had to deactivate his account for posting sexually explicit content. At the time, he went off to Mark Zuckerberg and got his account back.

Instagram head explained the reason for the ban

After Boosie went to Twitter to call Zuckerberg racist, the Instgram head released a statement. After the continuous war between the rapper and the app, Instagram head Adam Mosseri sat down with The Breakfast Club earlier this week. In the video, he explained the reason behind banning the rapper’s page from the platform. Mosseri claimed:

Instagram head revealed the reason for Boosie’s account ban (Source: Hip Hop News)

 “It’s a nudity policy. We try to be clear. You can appeal but if you have too many strikes, something will happen.” 

However, the rapper wasn’t happy with the response from the Instagram head. He also questioned how they deactivated his account on nudity. The rapper also claimed they took his account because of “racism”. However, his tone changes after a while, and pleaded to give him his Instagram back. He also added the Instagram helps him feed his family.