All the details of Brennan Elliott’s Marriage, Wife, Children…

Canadian actor Brennan Elliott is a talented entertainer and merges into his roles seamlessly. There is a lot been told about his career and films. But there is very little known about his relationship and family life. Let us dig into and find out on this aspect of this notable actor.

Brennan Elliott and his personal life

Brennan Elliott is a married man and a family man. He is married in 2011 and his wife is Cami Elliottouple. The couple is leading a happily married life and shares two children together. The kids are young and he has a son and a daughter with Cami.
Brennan tweets pictures of his family and son. Brennan had once gushed about his wife Cami. He had said:

“Well, behind every strong man is a strong woman, let me tell ya. If she wasn’t taking care of the kids and taking care of our whole life, I wouldn’t be able to go off for months at a time and work. It’s a fifty-fifty relationship, and I give her all the kudos in the world. In order to focus on whatever character you’re playing and whatever project you’re doing, you have to be able to focus. The opportunity is there because of her strength. You know, behind me, the idiot, is a doctor. So I’m in a pretty good place. And I’m sure she’ll remind me of that the rest of the evening.”

Source: Pinterest (Brennan and his family)

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Brennan loves his kids and is amazed when they handle the computers with such expertise. He said:

“You know, when I was in theater school, computers were just coming out. I look at my son and my daughter, and they look at iPads and they have phones at dinner–it’s insane! My wife is the genius of the family. She was probably at the university on computers getting her PHD and understands all that. I’m still trying to learn how to turn the thing on. Well, no, I’m a little more advanced than that. But yes, it is a different world now.”

Brennan Elliott and his new project

Brennan Elliott’s latest project has been Hallmark’s Christmas at Grand Valley. The set was a fictional Grand Valley Lodge and Brennan liked the set the most. Talking to, Brennan said:

“The lodge itself is the main character in the piece,”

In real life, the Lodge is the rustic resort called the Killarney Mountain Lodge in Canada’s Killarney, Ontario. Brennan added:

“You felt like when you were in the lodge, you weren’t doing a movie—you were actually living it.”

Source: Hallmark Channel (Brennan)

Brennan felt it was very peaceful in the lodge and was happy to have some relaxation after his busy year. In the film, Brennan played a widower who has come to the Grand Valley to decide on the fate of the lodge which is crumpling. Actress Danica is also involved in saving the lodge and in trying to reach a workable plan, the couple falls in love.

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Brennan Elliott and his career and life

Brennan was born in Calgary, Canada on 24 March 1975. His father was from Northern Ireland. His parents divorced when he was young and he was primarily raised by his paternal grandmother. He has no siblings.
He studied at the famous Julliard School of New York City. After his graduation, he landed a role in a music video in 1991. Brennan was noticed and got more roles in Canadian TV series and films. He gained more recognition when he starred in Strong Medicine from 2000-2004. The other TV series in which he appeared include Monk, CSI, and Desperate Housewives. Brennan played the role of Todd Beamer in the film Fight 93.

Source: Hollywood Reporter (Brennan in Cedar Cove)

He also had a guest role in ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb’ (2014). Besides these, Brennan did Curse of Chucky and Cedar Cove. In 2017, he appeared in ‘All of My Heart: Inn Love’. He had a dance sequence in Flower Shop Mystery and talking about it, he had said:

“That was very new for me. Brooke {Shields} has done a lot of Broadway–dancing, singing. And with me, I can sing obviously. And singing is not my forte, but dancing is something new for me. When they called me to dance, and it was a certain, specific genre of dance, I was a good actor and did some research and hired a teacher, and she taught me some moves, and I wanted to bring that to set. You know, Brooke’s an experienced dancer, and she could give me some moves and kind of fine tune what I had. I just kind of wanted to make sure I had the rhythm and some of the steps down so that if she wanted to tweak something and take the lead,”

Short Bio on Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott is a Canadian actor, he is best known for portraying Dr. Nick Biancavilla in the lifetime medical series “Strong Meditation” he has appeared in many movies and television shows. He has been together with Brennan since 2011. More Bio...

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